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With a newly invented time machine, a historian, soldier and a scientist set out to save the world.

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2016–2018 Series 2 Seasons31 Episodes

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10 Times Fans Saved Their Shows From Cancellation

Timeless - Season 2

Could There Be Another ‘Timeless’ Movie?


7 Canceled TV Shows That Got a Movie Finale — Could ‘Star’ Be Next? (PHOTOS)


8 Time-Warping Romances to Watch During the Droughtlander (PHOTOS)

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Lucy & Wyatt Snuggle Up in a ‘Timeless’ Movie Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

RIP TV: Saying GOodbye to the Shows We Lost in 2018

RIP TV: Saying Goodbye to 25 Shows We Lost in 2018


NBC Cancels ‘Marlon’ & ‘Midnight, Texas’ After 2 Seasons

Best Lines december 16

Best Lines of the Week: ‘I Don’t Buy That Jesus Was A Capricorn’

Timeless - Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Timeless’ Returns to Say Goodbye in an Emotional Series Finale (RECAP)

Timeless - Season 2

One Last ‘Timeless’ Adventure, ‘Murphy Brown’ Finale, A ‘Top Chef’ Holiday Meal


‘Timeless’ Finale: Abigail Spencer Promises ‘Everything Gets Addressed’


First Look: ‘Timeless’ Finale Gets a Rufus Rap Salute From Malcolm Barrett (VIDEO)

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’ Finale: Sneak Peek at the Two-Part ‘Miracle of Christmas’ (PHOTOS)

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‘Timeless’: Go Behind the Scenes of NBC’s Two-Part Finale (PHOTOS)

Timeless - Season 2

Rufus Lives! First Look at the OG Time Team in the ‘Timeless’ Finale (PHOTO)

Abigail Spencer, Claudia Doumit, Malcolm Barrett & Matt Lanter in Timeless.- TIMELESS --

NBC Announces Two-Part ‘Timeless’ Finale Premiere Date


‘Timeless’ 2-Hour Finale: Premiere Date, Writers, and Director Announced


‘Timeless’ Star Abigail Spencer Is Heading to Hulu in a New Pilot

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’ Is Back! NBC Orders Two-Part Series Finale


Future of ‘Pose,’ ‘Sharp Objects,’ ‘Eve’s Killer, How to End ‘Timeless’

Timeless - Season 2

Campaign to Save ‘Timeless’ Fails — But What About the Movie?


Debating ‘The Conners’ Without Roseanne, ‘Yellowstone’ Pro and Con, & ‘Americans’ Finale

Timeless - Season 2

NBC Cancels ‘Timeless’ After Two Seasons

Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh)

Debating ‘Americans’ Finale, ‘Killing Eve,’ ‘FTWD,’ ‘Elementary’

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Your Complete Guide to Current ‘Save the Show’ Fan Campaigns

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May 2018: All the Characters Who Died in Season Finales

Timeless - Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Timeless’ Writers Share (Spoiler-Filled) Deleted Scenes

Timeless - Season 2

Could Fans Save ‘Timeless’ Again?

Timeless - Season 2

What That ‘Timeless’ Death Means For (a Possible) Season 3

Timeless - Season 2

Look Back at the Best Historical Costumes from ‘Timeless’ Season 2

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‘Shadowhunters,’ ‘Timeless’ & More Shows We Don’t Want to See Canceled

Timeless - Season 2

Fans React to That Big ‘Timeless’ Bombshell — Is [Spoiler] Actually Pregnant?

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’ Sneak Peek: Lucy, Wyatt & Rufus Travel to the ’80s (PHOTOS)


WATCH: Wyatt & Flynn Clash Over Lucy on ‘Timeless’

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Best Lines of the Week (April 6-12): ‘I’m Still Very Bitter’

Timeless - Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, Tonya Glanz

‘Timeless’: Are Lucy & Wyatt Over Before They Began? (VIDEO)

Timeless - Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter

‘Timeless’: Will Lucy’s Singing Make Wyatt Swoon? (VIDEO)

Keep Your Friends Close

TV’s Crime Formula (‘Instinct,’ ‘Deception’), ‘Timeless,’ Life After Abby on ‘NCIS’

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’: New Photos Tease Lucy-Wyatt Romance


Return of ‘American Idol,’ ‘Deception’ Like a Magic ‘Castle,’ ‘Timeless’ in WWI

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’ Returns to TV After Being Revived by Fans

Timeless - Season 2

First Look at the Long-Awaited ‘Timeless’ Premiere (PHOTOS)


Ask Matt: Diagnosis Confused Over ‘The Resident,’ Plus ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ ‘Murphy Brown’ Reboot, ‘Middle’ Emmy Chances, and More


Cheers & Jeers: ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ ‘The Resident’ & More Make the List (VIDEO)

Timeless - Season 2

‘Timeless’ Season 2 Finally Has a Premiere Date

2017 Comic-Con Portraits - Timeless

The ‘Timeless’ Cast Wrote a Song About the Show and It Is Catchy (VIDEO)

TV Insider Studios at Comic-Con 2017

TV Stars Invade the TV Insider Studios at Comic-Con (PHOTOS)


From Banana Crates to Hashtags: A Brief History of TV Fan Campaigns

Law & Order Menendez - Edie Falco

NBC Announces Fall Schedule, ‘This Is Us’ Grabs Post-‘Super Bowl’ Slot


‘Timeless’ Renewed for Season 2 After Initial Cancellation


7 Time Travel TV Shows You Forgot Ever Happened

Spoiler Alert

‘Timeless’ Creators Explain That Shocking Season Finale and Teases a Possible Season 2

TV Insider

First Look: ‘Timeless’ Ends First Season With Shock and Awe


‘General Hospital’ Star Brandon Barash Drops by ‘Timeless’ as Ernest Hemingway (VIDEO)


‘Timeless’: Flynn Teams Up With Gunslinger Jesse James (VIDEO)


‘Supernatural’s Misha Collins Jumps to ‘Timeless’ in Guest Role

Best Lines of the Week

Best Lines on TV This Week: ‘You Told Us to Get Ready to Fight’

Timeless - Season 1

‘Timeless’s Malcolm Barrett on Double-Takes and Why His Character is Named Rufus

This Is Us

Best Lines on TV This Week: ‘I’m Still Black.’


Ask Matt: Thoughts on ‘Speechless’, ‘Bull’ and Other New Series, ‘Quantico’ Discontent and More


Ask Matt: ‘The Simpsons’’ Place in TV History, Plus: ‘Bull’, ‘Westworld’, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Cast Change and More


Roush Review: A ‘Timeless’ Romp, a Lack of ‘Conviction’

Timeless - Season Pilot

‘Timeless’: Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke Team for Time-Travel Adventure

Star Trek

Ask Matt: The Importance of Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary