Best Lines of the Week (April 6-12): ‘I’m Still Very Bitter’

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Bob’s Burgers

Louise: “I thought all adults snored. It’s just the sound of them dying. Maybe, you know, let nature take its course, right?”
– Louise (Kristen Schaal) gives helpful advice to her parents when they complain about each other’s loud snoring.

Janine Detore

Staten Island Hustle

Janine: “You know when you think of 3-D you think of going into a movie theatre and putting on a pair of glasses. You don’t think of salad. You’re a dumba**.”
– Janine Detore (sister of Mob Wives star Big Ang) has her own opinion when it comes to her husband Dom’s new product: a 3-D lettuce dressing.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 5

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi: “Top five condiments for pizza in order. Number one is going to be a mixture of siracha and ranch. Number two is just plain ranch. Number three is balsamic. Number four, plain hot sauce. One time I was drunk, and I used ketchup.”
– Stassi Schroeder confesses all the creative ways she has eaten pizza.


The Walking Dead

Carl: “The way out is working together. It’s forgiveness. It’s believing that it doesn’t have to be a fight anymore. Because it doesn’t.”
– In his letter, Carl (Chandler Riggs) asks Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to consider moving past the conflict between the Saviors and the Hilltop and to cease fighting.

The Last OG

The Last O.G.

Wavy: “Yo, coffee is my new hustle, son. Yeah, I got this sh*t early right after you went away.”
– Wavy (Malik Yoba) catches Tray (Tracy Morgan) up on what he’s been up to since Tray’s arrest.

Wendell Holland

Survivor: Ghost Island

Wendell: “Someone had to say it, so I’ll say it. Stop rapping. You’re trash…at rapping. You’re garbage at rapping, you can’t rap. Put the mic down bro. Put the pen down bro. Use an eraser.”
– Wendell does not hold back regarding his feelings about Chris, specifically his rapping, when he casts a vote against him at tribal council.

Sebastian Maniscalco, Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sebastian: “Dad, I got a job at the Olive Garden. He starts weeping. He’s like, ‘I can’t believe it. Your grandmother had an olive garden, and now you’re working at an olive garden?’”
– Sebastian Maniscalco talks about growing up in an Italian American family.

Timeless - Season 2


Lucy: “I know none of that is true. So you talk to birds, so you like dolls, so you refuse to confess to being something that you’re not. That’s brave. And I’m proud to be in your company.”
– While in captivity in the past during the Salem Witch Trials, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) tries to encourage her fellow captors about the braveness they have exhibited.

Dynasty - Enter Alexis - Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis and Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon
The CW


Fallon: “Your goodbye note to me was a post-it that said carbs are for losers.”
Alexis: “That bit was motivational and it worked for the most part.”
– Fallon (Elizabeth Carrington) continues to hold a grudge against her mother Alexis (Nicolette Sheridan) for abandoning their family.


America’s Next Top Model

Rio: “If I was a judge, I would choose Khrystyana to win—mainly because I’m still very bitter.”
– Eliminated contestant Rio Summers states which finalist she is rooting for before the girls walk the final runway.

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With everything from the season finale of America’s Next Top Model to the rising tensions on The Walking Dead, this week of television had something for any audience.

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