Fans React to That Big ‘Timeless’ Bombshell — Is [Spoiler] Actually Pregnant?

Timeless - Season 2
Chris Haston/NBC

[Warning: Spoilers below for the latest episode of Timeless.]

Timeless‘ penultimate episode dropped a huge bomb on fans.

In the episode, the time-traveling agents — Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), Wyatt (Matt Lanter), and Jiya Claudia Doumit) — took off for 1981 to prevent the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan. But the most unexpected moment happened when they returned.

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Jessica (Tonya Glanz) and Wyatt were talking when she mentioned her very much alive brother, Kevin. Obviously, Wyatt was confused as he believed Kevin died when he was a child.

Wyatt then asked if there was something else she’d been keeping from him, spurring Jessica to reveal: “Yeah, there is. I’m pregnant.” As if the Wyatt/Jessica/Lucy relationship triangle wasn’t complicated enough!

Of course, fans reacted on Twitter:

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