Complete Guide to Save Our Show 2018 Campaigns: ‘Shadowhunters,’ ‘Timeless’ & More

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Spring finales are far behind us, but still, some of our favorite shows are renewal limbo, while others have been flat-out canceled.

But just because you’re down, doesn’t mean you’re out. As we’ve observed already: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved by NBC, Last Man Standing was revived by Fox, The Expanse has been picked up by Amazon, and Lucifer by Netflix.

In an effort to capture the attention of the execs of studios and streaming services, fans have taken to social media to start campaigns in order to save shows like Timeless and Shadowhunters.

Let’s break down the campaigns:


Hashtag: #SaveTimeless

The Season 2 finale aired in mid-May, but the show is still in limbo even though it has the support of major celebrities on social media.

According to episode stats, during the finale’s broadcast on both East and West coasts, the series was trending at No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 worldwide. And within hours the hashtag #Timeless was mentioned nearly 305,000 times on Twitter, and #RenewTimeless over 120,000 times.

Even in Google searches, Timeless was trending at No. 2.


Hashtag: #SaveShadowhunters, #PickUpShadowhunters, #SaveTheShadowWorld, #NotOurLastHunt

The hashtags have (so far) a combined reach of over 8 million tweets and engagements. There’s also a petition to launch the show again which currently has over 100,000 signatures and a charity campaign to help benefit the Trevor Project. It’s raised almost $7,000!

Designated Survivor

Hashtag: #SaveDesignatedSurvivor

Fans have started a new Twitter and Instagram handle to resurrect President Kirkman and co. from their TV oblivion. The political drama from ABC was canceled after two seasons, but there were rumors out there that Netflix was circling around the show.

With House of Cards soon to launch its final season, the streaming giant needs a new Prez in town.

Code Black

Hashtag: #SaveCodeBlack

The CBS medical drama was nixed after three seasons, but fans are tweeting on social to revive the lifeless series.

Many fans have expressed their desire to have the show return:

The Crossing

Hashtag: #SaveTheCrossing, #RenewTheCrossing

The sci-fi series was canceled at ABC after its only its first season.

The move is surprising considering the premiere of The Crossing was the second-most-watched debut (in almost three years) on ABC for its time slot, according to Deadline, and the show inspired a podcast called, “The Crossing Podcast.”