Will Fans Save ‘Timeless’ From Cancellation Once Again?

Timeless - Season 2
Justin Lubin/NBC

As this TV season wraps up, the fates of many favorite series remain uncertain — including NBC’s time-traveling drama Timeless.

The show, which aired its Season 2 finale on Sunday, is awaiting word from the network as to whether its viewership is enough to warrant a Season 3 order. Many fans are hoping that their outward show of support will would have to show their support (online and otherwise) will have the same result as last year, when it was saved from cancellation.

So could this happen again? There’s a good chance, if recent trends say anything.

According to post-episode stats, the show was trending at number one in the U.S. and number two worldwide over the course of the East and West Coast airings. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the terms #RenewTimeless, Rufus, Lucy, Wyatt, Flynn, Jiya, Emma, and Harriet were all within the top 20 trends.

In the hours before and after the finale, #Timeless was mentioned nearly 305, 000 times on Twitter, while #RenewTimeless came in at just over 120,000 mentions. On Google, Timeless was trending at number two in searches during its finale.

Numbers don’t lie, and the fans are clearly giving it their all when it comes to keeping Timeless around. There were even a few famous fans promoting the show via their Twitter pages, including Kelly Clarkson, William Shatner, and Leslie Jones.

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These are just a few signs of support to the series which could very well still be saved by its fans. Hopefully some news for Timeless fans will be revealed soon.