‘Timeless’ Star Abigail Spencer Promises ‘Everything Gets Addressed’ in the Finale

Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC

Fans of the twice-canceled Timeless are getting closure for Christmas. NBC’s time-travel show (which was axed in 2017, revived, then axed again in June) gets a proper send-off with a holiday-themed two-hour movie that promises to wrap up some major storylines.

Abigail Spencer, who plays Lucy, the show’s history professor turned history savior, credits dedicated viewers — they raised funds and rented a billboard in New York City’s Times Square to campaign for its return — for getting the movie made. “This happened because of the fans,” says Spencer. She gives us a preview.

Saving Rufus

When we last saw Lucy and her team — who travel back in time to fight the Rittenhouse cabal, a tyrannical group changing history in order to gain power — they were back in their bunker grieving the death of beloved Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), the pilot of their time-traveling Lifeboat.

Suddenly, a battle-hardened Lucy and former Delta Force soldier Wyatt (Matt Lanter) flew in from five years in the future to give the present-day Lucy and crew a challenge: “You guys want to get Rufus back or what?” That journey “affects all the other stories we tell,” hints Spencer, who says that if they save Rufus, who’s alive in at least one timeline, “there are going to be repercussions in other places.”

Lanter and Spencer in Timeless


Expect an action-packed 120 minutes as the gang travels from California shortly before 1849’s Gold Rush to North Korea on Christmas Eve in 1950 to Brazil in a yet-to-be-revealed era. Along the way, the show will tie up many loose ends, including the love triangle between Wyatt, Lucy and Flynn (Goran Visnjic) and whether or not our heroes can take down Rittenhouse once and for all.

“Everything gets addressed,” promises Spencer. “Will it be satisfying for everyone? Hopefully not, because I think that endings are always unsatisfying on some level. It’s part of storytelling.” And hey, it might not be an ending after all. As cocreator Shawn Ryan says, “I’ve learned not to count the show out too quickly.”

Timeless, Series Finale, Thursday, December 20, 8/7c, NBC