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A couple learn the estate they are converting into a bed and breakfast is inhabited by spirits.

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Elizabeth Olsen for 'Love & Death,' Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey for 'The Last of Us,' and 'Jury Duty's Ronald Gladden and James Marsden are among the 2023 Emmys snubs and surprises

Emmys Snubs & Surprises: ‘Jury Duty,’ ‘The Last of Us’ Guests, Elizabeth Olsen & More

Brandon Scott Jones Emmys FYC for 'Ghosts' Season 2

‘Ghosts’ & ‘The Other Two’ Star Brandon Scott Jones on Balancing Comedy in Two Very Different Roles

Rose McIver in 'Ghosts'

‘Ghosts’ Star Rose McIver Reflects on Sam’s Journey & Shares Hopes for Season 3

'Ghosts' Questions We Need Answered in Season 3
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‘Ghosts’: 7 Questions We Need Answered in Season 3

Sheila Carrasco, Richie Moriarty, and Roman Zaragoza from 'Ghosts' Season 2

Ask Matt: The ‘Ghosts’ Cliffhanger, ‘Wonder Years,’ ‘Grey’s’ Without Meredith & More

Danielle Pinnock and Rebecca Wisocky in 'Ghosts'
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‘Ghosts’ Star Danielle Pinnock Reacts to That Season 2 Finale Twist — What’s Next?

Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver in 'Ghosts'

‘Ghosts’ Finale, ‘SVU’-‘OC’ Crossover, Academy of Country Music Awards on Livestream, Election Day on ‘Station 19’

Rebecca Wisocky for 'What's in My Queue?'

What’s in ‘Ghosts’ Star Rebecca Wisocky’s Queue? ‘The Bear,’ ‘Love Is Blind’ & More

Danielle Pinnock in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Danielle Pinnock on (Finally) Solving Alberta’s Murder Mystery

Hugh Sachs and Golda Rosheuvel in 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story'

‘Queen Charlotte’s Origin Story, ‘Simpsons’ Short Among May-the-Fourth ‘Star Wars’ Stunts, ‘Other Two’ Returns, Pete Davidson’s ‘Bupkis,’ a ‘Ghosts’ Whodunit

Melissa Rauch as Abby Stone in 'Night Court' (2023), Season 1, episode 14:

Best Lines of the Week (April 21-27): ‘A Train Cover Band — Tram’

Kristin Chenoweth, Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key, and Alan Cumming in 'Schmigadoon!' Season 2

Ask Matt: More ‘Schmigadoon’? An ‘Accused’ Cliffhanger, ‘American Auto’ & More

Taraji P. Henson in Abbott Elementary

Best Lines of the Week (April 7-13): ‘What’s Up, My Baby’s Babies?’

Richie Moriarty as Pete, Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Laura, and Caroline Aaron as Carol in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty on Pete’s Special Father-of-the-Bride Moment

Kelly McCreary in 'Grey's Anatomy'

Another ‘Grey’s Farewell, A ‘Ghosts’ Wedding, ‘Picard’s Final Battle, ‘Florida Man’ on Netflix

Ashley D. Kelley and Danielle Pinnock in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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Danielle Pinnock & Ashley D. Kelley on Bringing ‘Alberta’s Descendant’ to ‘Ghosts’

Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe in 'Unstable'

Rob Lowe Is ‘Unstable,’ A ‘Ghosts’ Descendent, ‘Alaska’ Finale, ‘CSI’ Cold Case, MLB Opening Night

'Blue Bloods,' 'FBI,' and 'NCIS'

CBS Finale Dates 2023: ‘NCIS,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘FBI’ Episode 100 & More

Natasha Lyonne - Poker Face - Season 1

‘Poker Face’ Finale, ‘Top Chef’ World All-Stars, More of ‘You,’ ‘Ghosts’ Hellish Visitor

Rose McIver, Devan Chandler Long, Danielle Pinnock, and Richie Moriarty in 'Ghosts'

Ask Matt: A Rerun Rant, ‘NCIS’ Casting, ‘Grey’s and ‘Todd’ Storylines

Not Dead Yet

Best Lines of the Week (February 10-16): ‘News Is Kinda Like TikTok But for People Who Can Read’

Devan Chandler Long and Sheila Carrasco in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’: Sheila Carrasco & Devan Chandler Long on Flower & Thorfinn’s Big Step Forward

Patrick Stewart in 'Star Trek: Picard'

‘Picard’ Rides Again, Joel McHale Does ‘Animal Control,’ On the Track with ‘Poker Face,’ Date Night on ‘Ghosts’

Kevin Costner in 'Yellowstone' Season 5

Ask Matt: Spinoff Mania, ‘Night Court’ & Long Streaming Waits

Chip Zein, Asher Grodman, and Laraine Newman in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Asher Grodman on Meeting Trevor’s Parents & Welcoming Tara Reid

Penn Badgley in 'You' Season 4 Part 1

‘You’ Heads to London, a Theatrical ‘Poker Face,’ Trevor’s Memorial on ‘Ghosts,’ NFL Honors

'Ghosts,' 'Upload,' and 'Not Dead Yet'

‘Not Dead Yet,’ ‘Ghosts,’ ‘Upload’ & More Shows Where the Dead Aren’t Gone for Good

Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman on HBO's 'The Last of Us'

Best Lines of the Week (January 27-February 2): ‘I Was Never Afraid Before You Showed Up’

Devan Chandler, Mike Lane, Brandon Scott Jones-'Ghost'

‘Ghosts’ in the Machine, ‘Poker Face’ Sees the (Judith) Light, ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Final, New Blood on ‘SVU’

'Ghosts' Season 2 photos for 'Trevor's Body' featuring Tara Reid

‘Ghosts’ Welcomes Tara Reid & Trevor’s Parents to Woodstone in First Look (PHOTOS)

'Ghosts' cast CBS

‘Ghosts’ Renewed for Season 3 at CBS

Jason Momoa, Chris Sharma - 'The Climb

Rock Climbing and Sabotage in New Reality Competitions, Back to ‘Valhalla,’ Velma’s Story, We Heart ‘Ghosts’

Alfred Molina in 'Three Pines'

Ask Matt: Pining for More ‘Pines’ & ‘Wheel’

Ghosts Season 2 Rose McIver

New Faces on ‘Ghosts,’ Vicki Lawrence on ‘Kat,’ Game Night on ABC, BattleBots at War

'Law & Order: SVU,' 'Our Flag Means Death,' and 'The Resident'

13 TV Couples That Sent Us Swooning in 2022

Brandon Scott Jones and John Hartman in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Brandon Scott Jones Breaks Down Holiday Romance Revelations

Best Shows of 2022

The 10 Best TV Shows of 2022

H.E.R. and Josh Groban in 'Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration'

‘Beauty and the Beast’ at 30, a ‘Ghost’-ly Hour, Simpsons at the Opera, ‘Parent Test’

Danielle Pinnock, Sheila Carrasco, Roman Zaragoza, and Richie Moriarty for 'Ghosts'

‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty Previews Magical Music Moment From Supersized Holiday Special

'1923,' 'Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration,' and 'Kindred'

TV Insider’s Top 25 of the Week (December 12-18): ‘1923,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration’ & More

Brandon Scott Jones and Asher Grodman in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Brandon Scott Jones on Isaac Finally Finding Fraternity at Woodstone

Rebecca Wisocky, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Devan Chandler Long, Sheila Carrasco, Asher Grodman, amd Roman Zaragoza - 'Ghosts' Season 2

The ‘Ghosts’ Cast Previews Their Magical, Hallmark-Inspired Holiday Episode

Richie Moriarty for Cornered

Cornered: ‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty Reveals What Show Makes Him Laugh (VIDEO)

Mathew Baynton and Richie Moriarty in 'Ghosts'
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‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty on Pete’s ‘Dumb Death’ & Collab With Mathew Baynton

A ‘Ghost’-ly In-Joke, Storm Clouds Over ‘Grey’s,’ Leaving ‘Atlanta,’ Mysterious ‘Calling,’ Brunch Time

Devan Chandler Long in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’ Star Devan Chandler Long on Meeting Thorfinn’s ‘Baby Bjorn’

Broadway Bound Jesse Williams Filming Grey's Anatomy

Familiar Faces on ‘Grey’s,’ a Radical ‘Good Fight,’ Netflix Checks Out a ‘Blockbuster,’ British Suspense Thrillers

7 Spooky Families to Watch This Halloween, From ‘The Addams Family’ to ‘Ghosts’

Rebecca Wisocky and Hannah Rose May in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’ Star Rebecca Wisocky Reflects on Hetty’s Season 2 Growth & Facing Nemesis Molly

A ‘Ghosts’ Séance, New ‘Cribs’ on MTV, ‘Kat’ Mourns Leslie Jordan, Del Toro Salutes Lovecraft

Rebecca Wisocky in 'Ghosts'

‘Ghosts’: Rebecca Wisocky on Hetty’s Halloween Nemesis (and a Future Love?)

Quinta Brunson and Janelle James in 'Abbott Elementary' Season 2

Ask Matt: ‘Abbott’s Name Game, Chopped-Up Drew, Reba’s ‘Big Sky’ Boost

Brandon Scott Jones in 'Ghosts'

‘Ghosts’: Brandon Scott Jones on Hopes for Isaac-Jay Friendship, ‘Evil’ Crossover

Roman Zaragoza in 'Ghosts' Season 2
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‘Ghosts’ Star Román Zaragoza on Sasappis’ Tree & Modern Native Representation

Asher Grodman from 'Ghosts'

Cornered: ‘Ghosts’ Star Asher Grodman Reveals What Shows He’s Watching (VIDEO)

Inside Amy Schumer Season 5

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Returns, Familiar Face on ‘Grey’s,’ a Tree-Hugging Ghost, Found Footage Horror on ‘V/H/S/99’

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 4 'Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty's Past'

‘Ghosts’ Does Halloween! Behind the Scenes of the Chaotic & Hilarious Special

Sheila Carrasco and cast in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’ Star Sheila Carrasco on Flower’s Emotional Revelation & Woodstone’s Cult Encounter

Utkarsh Ambudkar Cornered

Cornered: ‘Ghosts’ Star Utkarsh Ambudkar Reveals His Love of Comic Books (VIDEO)

The cast of 'Ghosts' at New York Comic Con

‘Ghosts’ Cast Teases the Season 2 Halloween Episode: A Seance, and a Ghost of Hetty’s Past! (VIDEO)

New York Comic Con 2022, 'Velma's Mindy Kaling, the cast of 'Ghosts,' and stars of 'Pennyworth'

NYCC 2022: See the Stars of ‘Ghosts,’ ‘Velma’ & More in Our Studio (PHOTOS)

Danielle Pinnock as Alberta Haynes in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’: Danielle Pinnock on Alberta’s Shady Jazz Past & Personal Connection to the Story

The Walking Dead Season 11 Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus

Ask Matt: ‘Dead’ Tired, ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ & a Changing CW

Ana Fabrega in Los Espookys

Best Lines of the Week (September 23-29): ‘That’s Life, One Minute You’re a Fan, the Next You’re Not’

Ghosts Season 2 cast
Spoiler Alert

‘Ghosts’: Sam Enlists the Spirits of Woodstone B&B in ‘Spies’ (RECAP)