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A young couple inherits a grand country house, only to find it is teeming with ghosts.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

Premiering with back-to-back episodes, this whimsical adaptation of a British comedy is a throwback to a time when silly supernatural shenanigans were a laughing matter. The high concept introduces a gaggle of wacky ghosts from various centuries and backgrounds—a Viking explorer, a Revolutionary War-era soldier, a Native American, all the way to a hippie from the 1960s and a Wall Street creep (pantsless) from the 1990s—who jointly haunt a 300-year-old country estate in New York’s Hudson Valley. When young couple Samantha (iZombie’s Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) inherit the house and consider transforming it into a B&B, an accident suddenly allows Sam to see the spirits in her midst. Initially spooked, she soon learns that to get along, she’ll need to set boundaries. It won’t be easy with these larger-than-afterlife characters, including scene-stealer Brandon Scott Jones as the foppish militiaman from the 1700s who’s got serious Alexander Hamilton envy.

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