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Two brothers hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings while uncovering family secrets and battling larger cosmic threats in their quest to save the world.

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2005–2020 Series 15 Seasons343 Episodes

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Monday, February 26

Out With the Old

Season 7 • Episode 16

When a ballerina dances herself to death, Sam and Dean learn that her shoes were cursed.

Monday, February 26

The Born-Again Identity

Season 7 • Episode 17

Driven to the breaking point by Lucifer, Sam ends up in a mental hospital.

Monday, February 26

Party On, Garth

Season 7 • Episode 18

Sam and Dean battle a Japanese creature that can be seen only by drunken people.

Monday, February 26

Of Grave Importance

Season 7 • Episode 19

Annie Hawkins, an old friend and hunter, asks Sam and Dean for help with a case.

Monday, February 26

The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Season 7 • Episode 20

Dick Roman acquires a hard drive that contains sensitive information about Dean and Sam.

Monday, February 26

Reading Is Fundamental

Season 7 • Episode 21

Meg contacts Dean and Sam with news that Castiel is conscious and talking.

Tuesday, February 27

There Will Be Blood

Season 7 • Episode 22

Dean and Sam need to find three items if they want to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans.

Tuesday, February 27

Survival of the Fittest

Season 7 • Episode 23

Sam and Dean team up with Castiel, Meg and Bobby as they prepare to battle Dick Roman.

Tuesday, February 27

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Season 8 • Episode 1

When Dean emerges from purgatory, his reunion with Sam isn't what he expected.

Tuesday, February 27

What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Season 8 • Episode 2

Sam and Dean discover that Crowley has surrounded Kevin's mother with demons.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 3

Sam and Dean investigate murders where the victims all received organs from the same donor.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 4

As Dean and Sam investigate a murder, they discover two dead bodies and disturbing video footage.

Wednesday, February 28

Blood Brother

Season 8 • Episode 5

After Benny is brutally attacked by vampires, he calls Dean for help.

Wednesday, February 28

Southern Comfort

Season 8 • Episode 6

As Dean and Sam investigate a murder, they find Garth is already on the case.

Wednesday, February 28

A Little Slice of Kevin

Season 8 • Episode 7

Kevin and Mrs. Tran build a demon bomb; Dean and Sam are shocked when Castiel appears.

Wednesday, February 28

Hunteri Heroici

Season 8 • Episode 8

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he has decided to become a hunter like them.

Wednesday, February 28

Citizen Fang

Season 8 • Episode 9

Sam secretly asks a hunter to watch over Benny; Dean is forced to make a difficult decision.

Wednesday, February 28

Torn and Frayed

Season 8 • Episode 10

Castiel must rescue an angel being held captive by Crowley; Amelia asks Sam to make a choice.

Monday, March 4

LARP and the Real Girl

Season 8 • Episode 11

Dean and Sam investigate when two people die mysteriously while playing a game of "Moondoor."

Monday, March 4

As Time Goes By

Season 8 • Episode 12

A man claiming to be Henry Winchester appears in Sam and Dean's hotel room.

Monday, March 4

Everybody Hates Hitler

Season 8 • Episode 13

Sam and Dean investigate when a rabbi spontaneously combusts; a golem attacks Sam and Dean.

Tuesday, March 5

Trial and Error

Season 8 • Episode 14

Kevin figures out how to close the gates of hell after deciphering the tablets.

Tuesday, March 5

Man's Best Friend With Benefits

Season 8 • Episode 15

After turning to witchcraft, a police officer has nightmares in which he murders innocent people.

Tuesday, March 5

Remember the Titans

Season 8 • Episode 16

Sam and Dean investigate a possible zombie case where a man dies and revives himself once a day.

Tuesday, March 5

Goodbye Stranger

Season 8 • Episode 17

Castiel tells Dean and Sam that Crowley has unleashed multiple demons in a small town.

Wednesday, March 6

Freaks and Geeks

Season 8 • Episode 18

Dean and Sam make a surprising discovery as they investigate some recent vampire deaths.

Wednesday, March 6

Taxi Driver

Season 8 • Episode 19

A terrified Kevin calls Sam and Dean after he hears Crowley's voice in his head.

Wednesday, March 6

Pac-Man Fever

Season 8 • Episode 20

When a hacker stumbles upon a case, Dean teaches her how to be a hunter.

Wednesday, March 6

The Great Escapist

Season 8 • Episode 21

When Dean and Sam receive a message from Kevin, they decide to try and uncover the third trial.

Wednesday, March 6

Clip Show

Season 8 • Episode 22

When Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel, they find a film that could be the key to the third trial.

Wednesday, March 6


Season 8 • Episode 23

Dean and Sam are cornered as Crowley is poised to undo all the good they have ever done.

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