Jensen Ackles on ‘The Boys,’ ‘The Winchesters’ & Who Might Be Getting Supernatural Again (VIDEO)

Two weeks before news broke that Jensen Ackles (and his perfect jawline) was joining Big Sky in a series regular role next season — and that the Supernatural, prequel series he created with wife Danneel was picked up by The CW — the actor zoomed with us for a fun little chat about everything he’s got going on. Well, almost everything… the Big Sky gig was under wraps and nobody was gonna leak that one.

Aside from that, the convo was as much a walk down memory lane as it was a look at the future of his multiple projects. And as always, Ackles was a straight-shootin’, no-B.S. breath of fresh air, openly discussing pretty much everything. Over the course of our conversation, he revealed that his role in the upcoming third season of Prime Video’s The Boys wasn’t just handed to him because it was created by his old Supernatural boss Eric Kripke. Ackles also admitted that he and former co-star Jared Padalecki have had “multiple discussions” about how they can work together again in some capacity on The Winchesters.

A Super Chat With Jensen Ackles on Going From 'Supernatural' to 'The Boys'See Also

A Super Chat With Jensen Ackles on Going From 'Supernatural' to 'The Boys'

The actor talks about his life on TV, including his new role on the Prime Video series and returning to his roots as Dean with 'The Winchesters.'

This is just a portion of the talk, which was also the basis of a cover story for TV Guide Magazine, on stands now. Other subjects touched on include how he and Padalecki hope to properly celebrate the end of Supernatural with the crew once COVID protocols are reduced; his own experiences in haunted New Orleans, where he was shooting The Winchesters pilot; and what he went through casting Sam and Dean’s future parents for the prequel.

So watch this space, there may be more videos coming soon!

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