‘The Winchesters’: Jensen & Danneel Ackles Tease Dean’s Voice Isn’t the Only We’ll Hear (VIDEO)


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The story of Supernatural and the Winchesters continues in the upcoming CW prequel, premiering on October 11. And there is plenty for fans of the original series to enjoy as The Winchesters tells the beginnings of John (Drake Rodger) and Mary’s (Meg Donnelly) love story.

For example, Jensen Ackles (who played Dean on Supernatural and returns onscreen in the role) is an executive producer (as well as narrator) along with his wife Danneel Ackles (who played Sister Jo). While we will hear from Dean every week, “seeing him is a bit of a tricky thing because I don’t know if you noticed, but I don’t really look like Dean and I’m also playing a completely different character onscreen on a different show, so the onscreen element will be a little bit more few and far between,” Jensen tells TV Insider in the video interview above.

Furthermore, he teases, “There are plans to have other voices being heard alongside Dean’s at times, so I’m excited to see that as well.”

The series is promoted as the “epic love story” between John and Mary, and according to Jensen, “Danneel was very adamant when we first started this journey that this was not just going to be a sandbox to live out my Supernatural wishlist. This was a love story and it had to be at the center of this whole show and this whole journey.”

Explains Danneel, “The reason that people love Supernatural is because it’s a love story between two brothers. It’s a story about a family. I wanted to tell that part of the story, the more grounded, real part of the story, because I think people are going to be very attracted to that like that they were attracted to the love between Sam and Dean and Castiel and those friendships and those bonds.”

Jensen agrees. “Supernatural, given all the ghosts and the goblins and the demons and the car and the music and the dark alleys and the vampires, all of that stuff is great fun but it’s all being painted on the canvas of the relationship that the two brothers have and if you can always bring it back to that and make that the engine of the show, then I think that’s realty the winning formula.”

Watch the video interview above for more from Jensen and Danneel about the Supernatural prequel, including the importance of casting the roles and the love story.

The Winchesters, Series Premiere, Tuesday, October 11, 8/7c, The CW