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Animated comedy centered on a suave spy, Sterling Archer, and his misguided cohorts.

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2009–2023 Series 14 Seasons150 Episodes

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Sunday, March 3

Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank

Season 13 • Episode 6

Fabian isn't asking The Agency to rob a bank, because nobody would use those words.

Sunday, March 3

Distraction Action

Season 13 • Episode 7

Archer has a brilliant plan to evade capture; there is only one problem, he refuses to follow it.

Sunday, March 3

Dough, Ray, and Me

Season 13 • Episode 8

Archer and the gang knead proof to temper expectations and ice the mission.

Sunday, March 3

The Anglerfish Stratagem

Season 14 • Episode 1

The Agency teams up with Interpol to take down a highly organized ring of jewel thieves.

Sunday, March 3

30 for 30

Season 14 • Episode 2

Zara Khan thinks she's a real knockout, but Archer wants to prove he is just as stunning.

Sunday, March 3

Plaque Removal

Season 14 • Episode 3

Archer, Lana and Zara travel to England to stop a thief who steals possibly-cursed artifacts.

Sunday, March 3

Chill Barry

Season 14 • Episode 4

Barry's back and gives the gang the cold shoulder in their quest to put Other Barry on ice.

Monday, March 4

Keys Open Doors

Season 14 • Episode 5

An unplanned vacation forces Lana to go on a mission that quickly goes off the rails.

Monday, March 4

Face Off

Season 14 • Episode 6

Archer tries to find an elusive villain at an exclusive resort.

Monday, March 4

Mission Out of Control Room

Season 14 • Episode 7

Lana monitors simultaneous missions in her state-of-the-art control room.

Monday, March 4

Breaking Fabian

Season 14 • Episode 8

Archer and the gang bond together to try and stop a fleet of killer drones.

Monday, March 11

Mole Hunt

Season 1 • Episode 2

Archer attempts to cover up discrepancies in his ISIS expense account.

Monday, March 11

Training Day

Season 1 • Episode 1

Malory promotes Cyril to field agent and Archer trains his new competition as only he can.

Monday, March 11

Diversity Hire

Season 1 • Episode 3

Archer and Lana suspect there may be something all too perfect about their new hire.

Monday, March 11

Killing Utne

Season 1 • Episode 4

Malory hosts a dinner party in an effort to get a new weapons contract for ISIS.

Saturday, March 16


Season 1 • Episode 5

Malory's career is threatened when a sensitive video falls into the hands of a rogue Cuban agent.

Saturday, March 16


Season 1 • Episode 6

Cyril not only fears for his girlfriend's life but her succumbing to Archer's heroics.

Sunday, March 17


Season 1 • Episode 7

A bomb threatens the maiden voyage of the luxury airship Excelsior.

Sunday, March 17

The Rock

Season 1 • Episode 8

Malory assigns Archer and Lana to steal a priceless diamond from ODIN's biggest client.

Sunday, March 17

Job Offer

Season 1 • Episode 9

Archer takes a higher-paying job at ODIN; Malory will stop at nothing to get Archer back at ISIS.

Sunday, March 17

Dial M for Mother

Season 1 • Episode 10

Questions about the true identity of Archer's father lead him into a perilous trap.

Sunday, March 17

Swiss Miss

Season 2 • Episode 1

Malory drags her agents to a resort to protect a Swiss billionaire's daughter from being kidnapped.

Monday, March 18

A Going Concern

Season 2 • Episode 2

Malory hatches a Ponzi scheme of her own and the ISIS employees must try to stop it.

Monday, March 18

Blood Test

Season 2 • Episode 3

Archer's favorite call girl shows up at ISIS with a baby and a subpoena for a paternity test.

Monday, March 18

Pipeline Fever

Season 2 • Episode 4

Malory tries making ISIS green; Archer and Lana go to the Louisiana bayous to stop an eco-terrorist.

Monday, March 18

Double Deuce

Season 2 • Episode 5

Members of Woodhouse's famed WWI Royal Flying Corps squadron start dying mysteriously.

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