Lucky Yates

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Actor • Comedian • Puppeteer

Birth Date: October 18, 1967

Age: 55 years old

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan

Lucky Yates was an American actor whose most notable role came as Dr. Krieger on the adult animated series "Archer" (FX, 2009- ). A native of Detroit, Yates always knew he wanted to be free of his working-class surroundings and embark on a career in show business. With that goal in mind, he enrolled in the theater program at Detroit's Wayne State University. While attending the university, Yates honed his craft while also learning to be comfortable performing in front of a live audience. After graduation, Yates moved to Atlanta and began taking improvisational classes at Dad's Garage Theater. The aspiring improviser quickly learned that he had a knack for thinking on his feet, and fell in love with the wide-ranging form of improv. Yates became such a skilled improviser, that he eventually caught the attention of writer, producer and director Alton Brown, who hired Yates, first as a puppeteer and then as an actor, for his cooking series "Good Eats" (Food Network 1999-2012). Yates played a number of roles on the series, most notably as the Dungeon Master, an Igor-like sidekick. During this era, TV writer/director Adam Reed hired Yates to voice a supporting role on his animated series, "Frisky Dingo" (Adult Swim 2006-08). Despite appearing on only three episodes of the show, Yates made a lasting impression on Reed. So, when it was time for Reed to launch his new animated espionage series "Archer" (FX 2010- ), he had only one person in mind to voice the role of Dr. Krieger. As the sexually deviant mad scientist, Yates quickly became one of the show's breakout stars. During his "Archer" run, Yates also maintained his performances at Dad's Garage in his adopted hometown of Atlanta.

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