Remembering Jessica Walter With a Look Back at 13 Memorable TV Roles

For the People (Everett Collection)

Emmy-winning actress Jessica Walter, who died on March 24 at the age of 80, may be most recognizable for her characters on Arrested Development (as Lucille Bluth) and Archer (voicing Malory Archer), but those are just two in a long list of memorable TV roles over the course of a 60-year career.

Walter’s first credited TV role was a guest spot in 1951 in Love of Life, which eventually led to her first full-time role in For the People with William Shatner in 1965. Since then, she’s appeared in numerous TV shows, TV movies, and films.

Her most recent roles came in American Housewife, Harley Quinn, and Good Girls, and fans will still get to hear her voice on Archer when the upcoming Season 12 airs on FXX. While the comedy hasn’t completed production, the stars did finish recording their voice work, according to Deadline.

Jessica Walter, Star of 'Arrested Development' and 'Archer,' Has Died at 80See Also

Jessica Walter, Star of 'Arrested Development' and 'Archer,' Has Died at 80

The actress, who excelled at icy matriarchs, turned Lucille Bluth into a cult favorite character.

“Jessica was a consummate professional, an actor’s actor, and the exact opposite of Malory Archer — warm, caring, and kind, with an absolutely cracking sense of humor — and it was both a privilege and a true honor to work with her over these many years. She will be greatly missed, but never forgotten,” Archer‘s creator and executive producer Adam Reed posted to the show’s Twitter account on March 25.

Scroll down for a look at just some the characters Walters has played, including those from Archer and Arrested Development (also pictured above), her Emmy-winning Amy Prentiss, and more.

William Shatner Jessica Walter For the People
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Phyllis Koster, For the People

1965: The American legal drama was Walter’s first full-time TV role.

Jessica Walter Amy Prentiss
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Amy Prentiss, Amy Prentiss

1974-1975: Walter starred in the police drama, which aired on NBC. It was an Ironside spinoff.

Jessica Walter Mel Tillis The Love Boat
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Jocelyn Hyatt Matthews/Madeline Harris/Sally Welker/Marcia Farnsworth/Holly Hartman/Louise Hastings, The Love Boat

1978-1985: The actress appeared in a long list of Love Boat segments, which of course had such stellar names as “Love and the Three Timer” and “Love and the Old Cowboy.”

Genie Francis Jaime Lyn Bauer Jennifer O'Neill Jessica Walter Bare Essence
©Warner Brothers Television/courtesy Everett Collection

Ava Marshall, Bare Essence

1983: This primetime soap opera, which aired on NBC, was all about the perfume industry.

Robert Mandan Jessica Walter Three's a Crowd
© ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

Claudia Bradford, Three's a Crowd

1984-1985: Walter’s starred in this Three’s Company spinoff. (She also starred in a 1969 made-for-TV movie with the same name; it also starred Larry Hagman.)

Ron Leibman Jessica Walter Merlin Olsen Aaron's Way
© Lorimar Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Connie Lo Verde, Aaron's Way

1988: This short-lived, critically disliked series was about an Amish family adapting to a new life in California.

Cynthia Stevenson Jessica Walter Joanna Gleason Oh Baby
©Columbia TriStar Television / courtesy Everett Collection

Celia Calloway, Oh Baby

1998-2000: This Lifetime sitcom was about a single working woman who decides to have a child through artificial insemination; Walter’s played her mother.

Jessica Walter Portia de Rossi Arrested Development
Carin Baer / Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development

2003-2019: Walter-plus-Lucille Bluth, the entitled matriarch with the icy comebacks, was a match made in heaven.

Shannen Doherty Jessica Walter 90210 Tabitha Wilson
Michael Desmond / © The CW / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Tabitha Wilson, 90210

2008-2009: Walter’s played another matriarch, this one an alcoholic actress.

Malory Archer Jessica Walter FX
©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

Malory Archer, Archer

2009-2021: Mom to Archer and ex-head of ISIS, she always has a sharp remark and cocktail in hand.

George Segal Jessica Walter Retired at 35
©TV Land / courtesy Everett Collection

Elaine Robbins, Retired at 35

2011-2012: Walter stars with the late George Segal in this TV Land sitcom.

Jaime Pressly Jessica Walter Jennifer Falls
Richard Foreman Jr./©TV Land/courtesy Everett Collection

Maggie, Jennifer Falls

2014: This short-lived TV land sitcom starred Jaime Pressly as a high-powered exec forced to move back in with her mother, played by, you guessed it, Walter.

Todd Louiso Jessica Walter Robert Wagner NCIS
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Judith McKnight, NCIS

2015-2017: Walter also had a guest role on NCIS in the episode “Non Stop.”