Amber Nash

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Birth Date: June 6, 1977

Age: 46 years old

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Amber Nash is a voice actor best known for portraying the hard-drinking Pam Poovey on the FX animated series, "Archer" (2009- ). A native of Atlanta, Nash never intended on a career in acting. In fact, after graduating from the University of Georgia with her Bachelors in Psychology, she took a job at an outdoor treatment center where she helped teens cope with their emotional issues. It was during this time that Nash started taking improv classes at Dad's Garage Theater in Atlanta, mostly as a way to unwind from the day-to-day stress of her job. Nash quickly fell in love with the freewheeling structure of the form, and before long, found herself touring the country as a member of the Theater's traveling improv company. Then in 2006 Nash was presented with the opportunity to provide the voice of Valerie on the animated sci-fi comedy series "Frisky Dingo" (Adult Swim, 2006-08). Nash appeared in 14 episodes of the show, and did such a great job that when the show's co-creator Adam Reed needed to fill the role of wild-child Human Resources director Pam Poovey on his new animated series "Archer," he looked no further than Nash. "Archer" premiered on FX in 2009, and was an immediate hit with viewers and critics, in part because of Nash's catchphrase-generating Pam.

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