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Birth Name: Thomas Grant Gustin

Birth Date: January 14, 1990

Age: 34 years old

Birth Place: Norfolk, Virginia

Grant Gustin is a TV actor who became a mainstream star in 2014 playing the title character on the popular superhero series, "The Flash" (The CW, 2014- ). Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Gustin always had a penchant for performing. As a young boy he studied musical theater at Norfolk's Governor's School for the Arts, where he honed his skills for performing before a live audience. After high school, Gustin continued his training in musical theater at Elon University in North Carolina. He studied at the University for two years, before leaving in 2010 to appear in the Broadway revival of "West Side Story." Gustin was a member of the cast for an entire year, but in the fall of 2011 he was offered a supporting role on the hit series, "Glee" (Fox, 2009-15). Gustin played Sebastian Smythe on seven episodes of the show, while also auditioning for various other TV roles in between appearances. During his "Glee" run, Gustin also appeared on eight episodes of the popular teen drama, "90210" (The CW, 2008-2013). Then in 2013 Gustin appeared as Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, on the superhero series, "Arrow" (The CW, 2012- ). His appearance on the show proved so successful that in 2014 The CW gave the character his own series. "The Flash" debuted on The CW in the Fall of 2014 and quickly became one of the highest rated series premieres in the network's history.

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