‘The Flash’ Kicks Off Season 7 With a Major Sacrifice — Will [Spoiler] Be Back?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of The Flash, “All’s Wells That Ends Wells.”]

There can’t be a Flash without a Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) … right?

The Flash Season 7 premiere leaves us with just that question when the only physical version left, Nash — who’s had the other Earths’ versions of himself in his head since “Crisis on Infinite Earths” wiped out, then rebooted the multiverse — makes the ultimate sacrifice in order for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to get his speed back.

“Everybody unhappy that their favorite Wells character or characters is dead, never to be seen, won’t have long to wait because Tom Cavanagh is still a part of this show,” showrunner Eric Wallace assures TV Insider. “This is not the end of the Wellses, not by a long shot.”

But what is next for the Wellses? First, a quick recap of what happens in the premiere: They team needs a power source for the artificial speed force — Barry’s speed is nearly completely gone at this point and that’s the only solution — and the Council of Wells figures out Nash (and the multiversal particles inside him) is the solution. But he needs to be the organic receptor and will therefore die.

Nash doesn’t take that news too well and even tries to find a workaround. That results in the multiversal particles going into Barry, which does lead to some great comedy for Gustin as he plays each of the Wellses popping to the forefront in his head in one of the funniest scenes of the series. But after learning that Barry’s body can’t handle the particles inside his mind and after a chat with Harry who sees the “good man” that Nash can’t see in himself, Nash steps up in the biggest way possible (amid a crisis in Central City requiring the Flash).

“I won’t watch you die. I won’t let any of you die,” he tells Barry. “Do you know what I feel right now? Pride, honor — it’s been so long since I’ve felt those things. And it’s not just me, the Council feels it too, and we’ve made a decision. We’re doing this, Allen.”

But “how can I be the Flash without a Wells on this team?” Barry wonders.

Tom Cavanagh The Flash Season 7 Premiere Nash Wells

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Nash assures him he can be before the Flash gets a moment with each of the Wellses. And it ends the only way it can: “Run, Barry. Run.” With that, the artificial speed force is up and running, Barry has his speed again, and it’s goodbye to the character (and all the versions) of Harrison Wells … for now, it seems.

Wallace wouldn’t share anything about how we’ll see Cavanagh again, other than to tease it “won’t take very long for [his] return in an unexpected new way” and that to honor the Wellses’ sacrifice, they’ll “start a new legacy that builds upon the previous one. That’s what Tom will be doing this season.”

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— With reporting by Damian Holbrook