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Clark Kent and Lois Lane face their greatest challenge — being working parents in today’s society.

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All the Actors Who Have Played Superman & Who’s Next?!

Tyler Hoechlin in 'Superman & Lois'

Ask Matt: A Diminished ‘Superman,’ ‘Wheel’ After Pat, So Many Shows in Limbo

Tyler Hoechlin in 'Superman & Lois'

‘Superman’ and ‘Gotham’ Finales, ‘Casa Susanna’ on ‘American Experience,’ Taylor Mac Extravaganza

Michael Cudlitz in 'Superman & Lois'

Lex Luthor a Free Agent of Chaos on ‘Superman & Lois,’ ‘Real Sports’ Goes Swimming, Sports and Cinema in ‘Black Pop,’ ‘FBI True’

Dylan Walsh and Emmanuelle Chriqui

‘Superman & Lois’: Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui & More Exit Show Amid Budget Cuts

Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane, Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Superman & Lois, Geffri Maya as Simone Hicks in All American Homecoming, and Misha Collins as Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights.

The CW Renews ‘Superman & Lois,’ ‘All American: Homecoming,’ Cancels ‘Gotham Knights’

'The Rookie: Feds,' 'Big Sky,' and 'S.W.A.T.'

Broadcast TV in Limbo: 26 Shows Still Awaiting Renewal

Michael Cudlitz in 'Superman & Lois'

‘Superman & Lois’ First Look: Meet Michael Cudlitz’s Lex Luthor (VIDEO)

Alexander Garfin in 'Superman & Lois'
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‘Superman & Lois’: Alex Garfin Gives Update on Jordan’s Super Future & ‘Journey’ to Help Lois

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in 'Superman & Lois'
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Bitsie Tulloch Breaks Down the Importance of a Life-Altering ‘Superman & Lois’ Storyline

Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch in Superman & Lois'

‘Superman & Lois’ Bosses on New Season, New Jonathan & New Threats

Misha Collins as Harvey Dent in 'Gotham Knights'

‘Gotham Knights’ Joins ‘Superman’ on The CW, ‘Accused’ Tackles Disinformation, Hackers Hit ‘American Auto’

'Superman & Lois' Season 3 Trailer

‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Trailer Teases 2 New Kents, Blows Up the (Daily) Planet (VIDEO)

Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane, Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Superman & Lois

Ask Matt: Can ‘Superman’ Avoid The CW Curse?

Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz Cast as Lex Luthor on ‘Superman & Lois’

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in 'Superman & Lois'; Misha Collins and Oscar Morgan in 'Gotham Knights'

The CW Sets ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 and ‘Gotham Knights’ Series Premiere Dates

Superman & Lois - Michael Bishop

This Son Also Rises: ‘Superman & Lois’ Has Landed a New Jonathan

Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent in Superman & Lois

‘Superman & Lois’: Jordan Elsass Explains Why He’s Leaving Ahead of Season 3 (VIDEO)

Jordan Elsass in Superman & Lois

‘Superman & Lois’: Jonathan Kent Role to Be Recast as Jordan Elsass Exits CW Show

Elizabeth Tulloch of Superman & Lois at SDCC 2022

‘Superman & Lois’: Elizabeth Tulloch on Playing Iconic Lois Lane & the Show’s Family Drama (VIDEO)

Archer, Interview With the Vampire, Superman & Lois

Comic-Con Portraits of AEW, ‘Interview With the Vampire,’ ‘Archer’ & More Stars in Our Studio (PHOTOS)

Steve Martin as Charles, Martin Short as Oliver, and Selena Gomez as Mabel in Only Murders in the Building

Best Lines of the Week (June 24-30): ‘I’d Rather Be Dead Than Boring’

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Superman & Lois
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‘Superman & Lois’ Boss on Clark’s Watery New Digs, Diggle’s Return & Season 3’s Gang of Trouble

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, Martin Short

‘Only Murders in the Building,’ Journalists an ‘Endangered’ Species, ‘Superman & Lois’ Finale, Cristela Alonzo on Netflix

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Superman & Lois

‘Superman & Lois’ Season 2 Finale Will Reveal How Series ‘Fits Into the Arrowverse’

Tayler Buck in Natalie Irons in Superman & Lois
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Tayler Buck’s Natalie Brings a Familiar Hero to ‘Superman & Lois’

Emmanuelle Chriqui Superman and Lois

Emmanuelle Chriqui Previews a Pivotal Reveal for ‘Superman & Lois’…and Lana (VIDEO)

Drake Rodger as John, Meg Donnelly as Mary, Nida Khurshid as Latika and Jojo Fleites as Carlos in The Winchesters

The CW Fall 2022 Schedule: ‘Supernatural’ & ‘Walker’ Prequels, ‘The Flash’ to Midseason

Superman & Lois - Alex Garfin + Jordan Elsass + Bitsie Tulloch
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Jordan Elsass Breaks Down His Bizarro Turn on ‘Superman & Lois’

Grant Gustin as The Flash, Jared Padalecki as Walker

The CW Season Finale Dates: ‘Walker,’ ‘The Flash’ & More

Alex Garfin in Superman & Lois
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‘Superman & Lois’: Alex Garfin Talks Jordan’s Toughest Week

The CW renewals 2022-2023

The CW Renews ‘Walker,’ ‘Nancy Drew’ & 5 More Series for the 2022-2023 Season

Superman & Lois - Ian Bohen + Tyler Hoechlin
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Ian Bohen Breaks Down That ‘Superman & Lois’ Game Changer

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana, Erik Valdez as Kyle, Inde Navarrette as Sarah in Superman & Lois
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‘Superman & Lois’: Inde Navarrette Breaks Down Sarah’s Confusion After That Betrayal

Superman & Lois + Tyler Hoechlin
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‘Superman & Lois’: Tyler Hoechlin Gives Up (Some) Info on That Bizarro Twist

NCIS Hawaii, This Is Us, and Cobra Kai

‘NCIS,’ ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Cobra Kai’ & More Make PaleyFest LA’s In Person Lineup

Superman & Lois - Ian Bohen as Lieutenant Mitch Anderson
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‘Superman & Lois’: Ian Bohen on Reuniting With ‘Teen Wolf’ Costar Tyler Hoechlin

TV Insider’s Top 25 of the Week (January 10-16): ‘Ray Donovan: The Movie,’ ‘Peacemaker’ & More

Superman & Lois - Elizabeth Tulloch + Tyler Hoechlin

‘Superman & Lois’ Throws the Supercouple Into a Tailspin for Season 2 Premiere

Superman & Lois Season 2

First Look: ‘Superman & Lois’ Get Fired Up in Season 2 Poster (PHOTO)

George Reeves in The Adventures of Superman

Back to the Source: The Origins of ‘Superman & Lois’

Kaci Walfall as Naomi, Camila Moreno as Lourdes, Daniel Puig as Nathan and Will Myers as Anthony in Naomi

The CW Midseason 2022 Schedule: ‘The Flash’ & ‘Riverdale’ Move, ‘Naomi’ Premiere & More

Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois, Tyler Hoechlin as Clark in Superman & Lois

‘Superman & Lois’: Will the Kent Family Remain United in Season 2?

Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane, Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Superman & Lois

Where ‘Superman & Lois’ Left Off, Plus New Family Issues & Threats in Season 2

Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Jenna Dewan in Supergirl

‘Superman & Lois’ Reunites the Lane Family: Jenna Dewan to Recur in Season 2

Javicia Leslie in Batwoman, Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, John Cena in The Suicide Squad

DC FanDome 2021 Announces Lineup, Including Arrowverse, ‘Peacemaker’ & More (VIDEO)


Celebrate Sci-Fi & Fantasy With TVGM’s Special Issue Featuring ‘Lucifer,’ ‘The Witcher,’ ‘The Boys,’ & ‘Superman & Lois’ (VIDEO)

This Is Us Season 5 cast

‘This Is Us’ & More Network Shows Not Arriving Until Midseason

'Superman & Lois' Stars Jordan Elsass, Alexander Garfin, Tyler Hoechlin, and Elizabeth Tulloch

A New ‘Superman & Lois’ Series Regular Will Make Life Complicated for the Kents

‘Superman & Lois’ Finale, ‘Time’ for a Great Prison Drama, Body-Swapping on ‘Fantasy Island,’ Hamilton History

'Superman & Lois' star Tyler Hoechlin

The ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1 Finale Will Test the Kent Family

'Superman & Lois' - Stacey Farber and Adam Rayner
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‘Superman & Lois’: Stacey Farber Teases Leslie and Lois’ Season 1 Finale Confrontation

David Ramsey - Superman & Lois - Episode 12 - Diggle

Which Is Your Favorite David Ramsey 2021 Arrowverse Appearance So Far? (POLL)

Superman & Lois + Alex Garfin
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‘Superman & Lois’: Alex Garfin on the Superson’s Latest Save and What’s Next

Adam Rayner in Superman & Lois
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‘Superman & Lois’: Adam Rayner Explains Tal-Rho’s Master Plan

Emmanuelle Chriqui - Superman & Lois
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‘Superman & Lois’: Emmanuelle Chriqui Explains Lana’s Heroic Stint as Supermom

‘New Amsterdam’ Finale, Romero’s Lost Film, ‘Superman & Lois’ Gets Edgy

Superman & Lois + Jordan Elsass
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Like Mother, Like Son? Jordan Elsass Explains Jon’s Family Ties on ‘Superman & Lois’

Superman & Lois + Wole Parks + Elizabeth Tulloch
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‘Superman & Lois’ Writer & Wolé Parks Explain That Man of Steel Curveball


‘Arrow’ Vet David Ramsey Directs a ‘Superman & Lois’ That Changes Everything

Vicky McClure and Kelly Macdonald in Line Of Duty

‘Line of Duty,’ ‘Prodigal Son’ and Other Finales, ‘Superman & Lois’ Flies Back

The Equalizer

The 10 Biggest Series Premieres of 2021 (So Far): ‘Walker,’ ‘WandaVision’ & More

Tyler Hoechlin Superman Lois

‘Superman & Lois’ Returns! Tyler Hoechlin on the ‘Exciting But Terrifying’ Events Ahead (VIDEO)

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in Shameless

Best Lines of the Week (March 19-25): ‘Time for Me to Step Up and Be a Father’

WandaVision Season 1 Elizabeth Olsen Paul Bettany

Ask Matt: Will the Emmys Fall Under ‘WandaVision’s Spell?

Tyler Hoechlin Superman & Lois Series Premiere Clark Kent

‘Superman & Lois’ Star Tyler Hoechlin on a Tough Day as a Dad and the Upcoming Hiatus (VIDEO)