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Comedy drama

An addict looks for ways to beat the system and feed his habits while his kids fend for themselves.


Shameless - Season 11 - Lip and Ian - Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan Father Frank, Full of Grace Shameless - Season 11 - Christian Isaiah and William H. Macy The Fickle Lady is Calling it Quits Emma Kenney as Debbie in Shameless - Season 11 DNR Shameless Season 11 - William H Macy Survivors shameless season 11 cast Cancelled shameless season 11 ian mickey liam Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake Shameless Season 11 Frank William H Macy Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good... Eh, Screw It shameless season 11 lip tami Slaughter

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How the ‘Shameless’ Cast Changed Between Seasons 1 and 11

Emma Kenney and Emmy Rossum

‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Dishes on ‘Bad Days’ Working with Emmy Rossum

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Shameless, Season 11 - Jeremy Allen White

Lip Gallagher Looks for Help in ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

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‘Lovecraft Country’ & More Emmy-Nominated Series That Aren’t Returning

Jeremy Allen White

‘Shameless’ Star Jeremy Allen White Tapped to Lead ‘The Bear’ Pilot for FX

Best Lines of the Week (April 9-15): ‘I Wish I’d Partied More’

shameless season 11 william h macy

The ‘Shameless’ Series Finale: What Worked and What Flat-Out Didn’t

Shameless - Season 11 - Lip and Ian - Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan
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‘Shameless’ Series Finale: The Gallaghers, for Good and for Bad, Move on (RECAP)

Victorian Fantasy in ‘Nevers,’ ‘Shameless’ Finale, ‘Fear’ Walks Again, Hallmark’s Irish Romance, ‘People vs. the Klan’ on CNN

Shameless Cast Season 10 Gallery Photo

‘Shameless’ Cast Reunion Set for Virtual Experience After the Series Finale

Shameless - Season 11 - Christian Isaiah and William H. Macy
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‘Shameless’: Can Frank Live Without Alcohol? Plus, the Gallaghers Try to Move Forward (RECAP)

shameless season 11 frank william h macy

‘Shameless’: Will Frank Die Before the Series Ends? 4 Clues Point to the Possibility

Emma Kenney as Debbie in Shameless - Season 11
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‘Shameless’: The Gallaghers Make Some Serious Decisions as the Finale Approaches (RECAP)

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in Shameless

Best Lines of the Week (March 19-25): ‘Time for Me to Step Up and Be a Father’

Shameless Season 11 - William H Macy
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‘Shameless’: Are Pieces Falling Into Place, at Last, for the Gallaghers? (RECAP)

Shameless Season 6 Frank Gallagher Ian Carl William H. Macy

Before ‘Shameless’ Ends, Relive the Characters’ Wildest Moments

Snowpiercer Sam Mike O'Malley TNT

Best Lines of the Week (March 12-18): ‘We’re All Human Beings’

shameless season 11 cast
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‘Shameless’: Frank Tries to Preserve His Family’s Memory in ‘Cancelled’ (RECAP)

shameless season 11 ian mickey liam
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‘Shameless’: To Stay or Not to Stay Is the Gallagher Family’s Big Question (RECAP)

Queen Latifah The Equalizer

Best Lines of the Week (February 12-18): ‘Let’s Get You Into Something Less Flammable’

Shameless Season 11 Frank William H Macy
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‘Shameless’: Frank’s Hard-Partying Lifestyle Catches Up to Him in Episode 6 (RECAP)

shameless season 11 lip tami
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‘Shameless’: Lip & Tami Have a Ghostly Setback in ‘Slaughter’ (RECAP)

Shameless Season 11 cast
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‘Shameless’: The Milkovich Fam Causes Chaos Next Door in ‘Nimby’ (RECAP)

The Masked Dancer Disco Ball

Worth Watching: Netflix Says ‘Death to 2020,’ Fox’s ‘Masked Dancer,’ ‘Shameless’ Hall of Shame, Restaurants ‘Hustle’ to Survive

shameless season 11 william h macy

‘Shameless’: Frank Finds a Kindred Spirit & Carl Breaks the Law (RECAP)

Shameless - Season 11 - William H. Macy, Steve Howey, and Shanola Hampton
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‘Shameless’: Frank’s Expertise (Yes, Weed) Pays Off & Debbie’s Party Flops (RECAP)

Chelsa Alden

‘Shameless’ Adds ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Chelsea Alden in Recurring Season 11 Role

Shameless Season 11 Ian Mickey
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‘Shameless’: The Gallaghers Adjust to COVID With Mixed Results (RECAP)

Shameless - Season 11 - William H. Macy as Frank

Worth Watching: ‘Baby Chimp Rescue,’ ‘A Holly Dolly Christmas,’ ‘Shameless’ to the End, Bryan Cranston Is ‘Your Honor’

Shameless Season 10 Cast Photo Gallery

How to Watch the ‘Shameless’ & ‘Your Honor’ Premieres Without a Showtime Subscription

Shameless Season 11 Cast

‘Shameless’: The Gallaghers ‘Make the Yards Dangerous Again’ in Season 11 Trailer (VIDEO)

shameless season 11

‘Shameless’: COVID Hits the South Side in First Look at Final Season (PHOTOS)

Netflix Binges Criminal Minds Grey's Anatomy Arrow

9 Long-Lasting Netflix Binges to Get You Through the Pandemic (or Just the Weekend)

showtime shameless season 10

‘Shameless’: Find Out When the Final Season Premieres on Showtime

Shameless cast Season 11 bts

‘Shameless’: Go Behind the Scenes of the Final Season With the Cast (PHOTOS)

TV Shows 2020 2021 Season Coronavirus Storyline

‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘This Is Us’ & More Shows With Concrete Coronavirus Plans

Ian and Mickey Shameless Showtime

‘Shameless’: 7 Times Gallavich Proved to Be One of TV’s Most Enduring Couples


The Good, Grimy Fun of ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Arrives on Netflix

Stumptown, Killing Eve, Sex Education

22 Standout LGBTQ+ TV Characters

COVID-19 Storylines 9-1-1: Lone Star Grown-ish Shameless

Which TV Shows Are Incorporating COVID-19 Storylines & Which Aren’t?

Shameless season 10

Lip Is Weirded Out by Quiet Wisconsin in ‘Shameless’ Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

NCIS: Los Angeles

Where Are Your Favorite TV Shows Filmed? (PHOTOS)

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‘Shameless’ Finale: Love’s in the Air for the Gallagher Family & Friends (RECAP)

Christian Isaiah Shameless_1012_5543_R

‘Shameless’ Christian Isaiah on Liam’s Schemes in the Wedding-Focused Finale

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‘Shameless’: Mickey the Groomzilla, Frank Is Haunted and More (RECAP)

Untitled design (7)

Who Will Be in ‘Shameless’ Final Season? Will Emmy Rossum Return?


‘Shameless’ Renewed for 11th and Final Season on Showtime

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‘Shameless’: Lip’s Big Decision, Ian’s Relationship Status & More From ‘Now Leaving Illinois’ (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Debbie’s Dilemma and Trouble in Paradise for Ian & Mickey (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Ian & Mickey’s Misunderstanding and Frank’s Predicament (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Carl’s Mission, Ian’s Issue & Debbie Meets a Stranger in ‘Citizen Carl’ (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Frank’s Baby Steps, Debbie’s Hunt & More From ‘Adios Gringos’ (RECAP)

best comedies cover

Best of the 2010s: Which Comedy Made You Laugh the Most? (POLL)

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‘Shameless’: Carl’s Dilemma, Ian’s Reality Check, Debbie’s Battle & More From ‘Sparky’ (RECAP)

Shameless - William H. Macy and Luis Guzmán
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‘Shameless’ Episode 4: Frank’s Friendship, Lip’s Struggles & More (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Ian & Mickey Have the Talk, Liam Finds a Role Model & More From ‘Which America?’ (RECAP)

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‘Shameless’: Being Locked Up Is the Opposite of Bliss for Ian & Mickey (RECAP)

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Fiona’s Gone and a New Gallagher Arrives in the ‘Shameless’ Premiere (RECAP)


Worth Watching: ‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates Its 50th, ‘Dublin Murders,’ Carol and Daryl on a ‘Dead’ Mission, Showtime’s ‘Back to Life’


The Gallaghers Are Back in the ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere (PHOTOS)

Showtime Emmy Eve Nominees Celebration - Richard Flood

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hires ‘Shameless’ Richard Flood to Replace Karev at Grey Sloan

Fall Preview

‘Shameless’ Boss on Where We Pick Up With the Gallaghers in Season 10

shameless S10 teaser 1

‘Shameless’ Sneak Peek: Debbie Takes Control of the Gallagher House (VIDEO)

SHAMELESS S10 gallery cover

‘Shameless’: 12 Things We Learned From the Season 10 Trailer (PHOTOS)