‘Shameless’: 7 Times Gallavich Proved to Be One of TV’s Most Enduring Couples

Ian and Mickey Shameless Showtime

Shameless has been Showtime’s longest enduring comedy on the network and it is also host to one of TV’s most enduring couples — Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher).

Known by fans as Gallavich, this duo has stood the ultimate test of time — 10 seasons to be exact — with a few bumps along the way. While the South Siders’ relationship hasn’t always been perfect and has been at times complicated, Ian and Mickey have been there for each other the best way they know how.

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As viewers await the final season’s arrival (originally expected in November 2020 — COVID-19 related delays could shift its premiere), we’re taking a look back at the Shameless moments that prove Ian and Mickey are one of TV’s most enduring couples.

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Shameless Season 4 Ian Mickey
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When Mickey Came Out at the Alibi

In Season 4, Ian was fed up with feeling like Mickey’s little secret as they continued to get together despite Milkovich’s sham of a marriage to Svetlana (Isadora Goreshter). While attending a party for Mickey’s son with Svetlana, Ian tells his love that they’re through due to his refusal to come out. There’s no denying, it was wrong of Ian to pressure him into revealing the truth about their relationship publicly, but Mickey proved that his love for Ian is deeper than a fear of a beating at the hands of his bigoted jailbird father Terry (Dennis Cockrum).

Ian Mickey Shameless
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Getting Ian Help

When Ian started to experience extreme bipolar episodes in Season 5, Mickey worked tirelessly to get his love the help he needed with the assistance of Gallagher big sis Fiona (Emmy Rossum). Despite Ian having run off with Mickey’s son in a manic state, he didn’t waiver from his partner’s side in getting him the proper care, even if he didn’t entirely understand what Ian was going through. Their embrace at the mental care facility’s gate is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

Shameless Ian Mickey
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Mickey's Support

Following Ian’s time at the mental facility for his bipolar disorder, he’s sent home and provided medication to level his mood, but the side effects are extreme as he appears to go on autopilot. But Mickey sticks by his side, ditching his own family to take care of Ian and taking the saying of “being there for someone else” to another level.

Shameless Mickey Ian
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When Ian Helped Mickey Over the Border

One of many goodbyes between the duo took place in Season 7 when Mickey re-entered Ian’s life after spending time in prison. In an effort to make some cash, Mickey takes a job tied to the cartel which leads the pair on a road trip to the border. Following Mickey’s lead, Ian supports his on-again-off-again love up until the moment they reach the end of the line. Although it broke Mickey’s heart that Ian wouldn’t join him in Mexico, their shared understanding to follow their own paths proved that they had each others’ best interest at heart, even if it hurt them.

Shameless Ian Mickey
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Ian's Arrival in Prison

Shortly after announcing his exit as a full-time cast member in Season 9, Cameron Monaghan’s Ian entered prison following his Gay Jesus van explosion stunt. After bidding his family farewell, he was shown to his cell where he began to get settled. Shortly after arriving though, he learns that his cellmate is none other than Mickey who ratted on the cartel in exchange for a choice of prison and cellmate. The joy shared between the men in that moment is clear and plain on their faces. And the relief of knowing Ian isn’t alone in prison is certainly another comfort.

Shameless Mickey Ian
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Close Quarter Complications

While Ian and Mickey were thrilled during their Season 9 reunion, Season 10 was a bit of a different story as the pair proceeded to act like an old married couple after months of close confinement together. Forced to deal with each other’s annoying habits, the duo wasn’t sure they could stand the test of time without some more space between them, but despite this hiccup, this experience revealed that if they could survive each other in prison, then they could survive almost anything together.

Shameless Season 10 Mickey Ian
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They Say 'I Do'

It’s insane to think back to where Ian and Mickey started out in Season 1 of Shameless as enemies turned lovers, but they have come through the roller-coaster as the pair wed in Season 10’s finale. Even with plenty of hurdles and obstacles in their way, Ian and Mickey’s love prevailed through burned-down wedding venues and homophobic foes for one memorable ceremony and union that we feel will stick for the pair through the remainder of the series.