‘Shameless’: Will Frank Die Before the Series Ends? 4 Clues Point to the Possibility

shameless season 11 frank william h macy
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Shameless is preparing to hang its hat after 11 seasons, but will all of the characters make it to the finish line?

One Gallagher family member who has us worried is patriarch Frank (William H. Macy), who has been on a continuous downward spiral. Sure, he’s had some close calls throughout the years, including organ failure and physical injuries, but his new diagnosis is the scariest of all.

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In Season 11’s sixth episode, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good… Eh, Screw It,” Frank’s told that he’s suffering from Early Stage Alcoholic Dementia. Lapses in memory leading up to the reveal surely tipped viewers off, and the season continued to show a downward spiral.

Will Frank will make it out of Season 11 alive? Below, we look at the reasons that make us think a funeral could be in his future.

shameless season 11 frank liam

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Frank’s Tattoo

In the show’s recent 10th episode, “DNR,” Frank, whose youngest son, Liam (Christian Isaiah), feels responsible for keeping his dad safe, begins to come to terms with his predicament. To take the burden off Liam, and others, he decides to get a tattoo that reads “Do no resuscitate” written across his chest.

A Return for Fiona?

While there’s been no obvious hint that eldest Gallagher sibling Fiona (Emmy Rossum) will return before the show ends, which is something fans would love, Frank’s death would be a perfect reason for her to appear. Fiona, who had played a prominent role in the dramatic comedy, had left Chicago and her family behind in Season 9 after receiving a large sum of cash. Even though Frank caused her plenty of grief, we can’t imagine she’d miss out on saying goodbye to him.

shameless season 9 frank fiona

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A Fitting End

If viewers can recall all the way back to the first scene of the series premiere, Frank introduces viewers to the entire family, doting on his kids’ strengths as well as their ability to party hard. With his family scattering in the current season, seeking new starts in other corners of the city or beyond, it would be a fitting end for them to come together for one final gathering. Could it be Frank’s funeral? Only time will tell, but we won’t be shocked if it is.

The Finale Title

The show’s upcoming finale installment is titled, “Father Frank, Full of Grace,” emphasizing a focus on the Gallagher family patriarch. If the title sounds familiar, that would be because it was used for Season 1’s finale episode in 2011, further enforcing the full-circle idea. Whether it means Frank dies or not is uncertain, but the religious tone suggests a spiritual route of sorts.

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