‘Shameless’: Frank’s Expertise (Yes, Weed) Pays Off & Debbie’s Party Flops (RECAP)

Shameless Season 11 William H. Macy Steve Howey Shanola Hampton
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 11, Episode 2 of Shameless, “Go Home, Gentrifier!”]

The Gallaghers continue to deal with the ever-changing South Side in Episode 2 of Shameless Season 11, aptly titled “Go Home, Gentrifier!”

While the pandemic rages on, the family and their friends continue finding ways to be resourceful. Below, we break down key details from this (mostly) hilarious episode, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Carl’s First Day on the Job

Shameless Season 11 Ethan Cutkosky Joshua Malina

Paul Sarkis/Showtime

One of the episode’s most prominent storylines includes Carl’s (Ethan Cutkosky) first day on the job as part of the Chicago police force. Each junior officer is paired with a vet member of the department, and while Carl’s ready for action, his superior, played by guest star Joshua Malina, is a non-confrontational (OK, and lazy) cop. At every opportunity, Carl’s partner avoids danger by opting to stay in his vehicle. He stops only to direct traffic when the traffic lights malfunction.

He even takes Carl to his mother’s house for lunch, and radios in fake crimes to buy himself nap time. At the end of the day, Carl lets his partner know how he feels about the lack of action and convinces him to buy drinks for them at the bar across the street. But things get ugly when his partner goes a little overboard with boozing and has a heart attack after an encounter with a woman in the bathroom.

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Frank’s Partnership With Kev & V

Shameless Season 11 Steve Howey Shanola Hampton


Demand for weed is high during the pandemic, and with Kev (Steve Howey) and V’s (Shanola Hampton) supplier running dry, they look for other options. Frank (William H. Macy) is more than willing to help in the interim, and promises to share a few tips along the way. After procuring some raw materials, Frank agrees to a three-way split on profits before assisting Kev and V in the kitchen.

Frank’s superior product rakes in the dollars, which changes his tune regarding profit splits, and while Kev and V say they’ll work with him until their supplier is back, Frank wants 60% of the take. Later that night, Kev and V venture out to the streets to buy from Frank’s dealer, but discover he’s purchased the lot with his day’s wages. Frank says he’s willing to work with them — but for 70% of the profits.

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As for Alibi barflies Tommy (Michael Patrick McGill) and Kermit (Jim Hoffmaster), the awkwardness is at an all-time high as they grapple with the reality of their secret bathroom romp in Episode 1. The distance they keep from each other at the bar leads to some serious head scratching from their fellow patrons and the proprietors.

Debbie’s Dud of a Party

Shameless Season 11 Kate Miner Elise Eberle Emma Kenney

(Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME)

It’s Franny’s birthday and Debbie (Emma Kenney) plans to give her daughter a princess party like no other. The problem? Franny isn’t into pink and frilly. On a trip to the discount store with Tami (Kate Miner) and Sandy (Elise Eberle), Debbie picks out all of her party must-haves while the others engage in a lightsaber fight with Franny.

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While decorating the house, Tami and Sandy question if Debbie is putting on this party more for herself than her daughter — an pretty indisputable point, as can be seen by Debbie’s reaction to the delivery of a Dracula-themed bounce house vs. the princess one she ordered. When many of the invitees don’t show up, Debbie admits defeat and shares with Sandy that she always wanted a princess party and that sometimes it needs to be about her and not everyone else. Sure, but maybe her daughter’s party wasn’t the right time for such selfish behavior?

Ian & Mickey’s Different Approaches

Shameless Season 11 Noel Fisher

Paul Sarkis/Showtime

Ian (Cameron Monaghan) continues to work his warehouse job and hint that hubby Mickey (Noel Fisher) needs to find a job so they can live off more than just his single paycheck. Sitting at home, Mickey see a community college commercial on TV and it rouses his interest. Later he attempts to apply for a position at the same warehouse as Ian, but he blows up when the interviewer refuses his application.

This causes a domino effect of questionable behavior: Mickey steals a truck, lifts a dumpster from Ian’s warehouse, and delivers expired goods to the prison in which he was formerly serving time. Ian, for his part, begins to feel that his legitimate job may not be worth his time when he receives less than he’s owed in his paycheck due to bogus cuts. Will he decide to branch out like Mickey, or will he keep on the straight and narrow?

Liam’s Valiant Business

Shameless Season 11 Christian Isaiah


Youngest Gallagher sibling Liam (Christian Isaiah) is being resourceful in his own way by selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to kids who can’t afford the lunch at their school, which is still open despite COVID-19. The lunch lady isn’t pleased, but that doesn’t stop him from taking a stand for his fellow students and he ultimately wins the battle as the aggressive woman backs off and allows the “illegal” sales to continue.

Lip’s Gentrifaux pas

shameless season 11 jeremy allen white

Paul Sarkis/Showtime

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Tami’s house continues to see improvements, but then some mysterious vandalism takes place. A window is smashed, then trash is dumped, and then the facade suffers damage. During his work one day, he asks a neighbor if they’ve seen anything strange, and if they can report any activity they see.

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The neighbor agrees, but it’s clearly a deception when Lip later finds her and some friends trashing his stoop. Caught red-handed, she reveals that Lip’s renovations could prove detrimental to the neighborhood’s value because curb appeal can lead to rent raises and more. The episode concludes with Lip and Tami taking spray paint to their front porch, with him scrawling “Go home, gentrifier” in bright red, and Tami opting to paint a penis. Should we expect anything less from a show called Shameless?

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