‘Shameless’ Christian Isaiah on Liam’s Schemes in the Wedding-Focused Finale

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Shameless is nearing the end of its penultimate season and with a wedding on the horizon, we couldn’t resist asking star Christian Isaiah some questions about the finale.

The actor who plays Liam — the youngest of the Gallagher siblings — has had quite the season and promises we’re in for “a very good finale.” Not dissimilar to his shifty onscreen dad Frank (William H. Macy), Liam will use his Gallagher wit to accomplish a mammoth task.

“His focus was trying to get Frank to the wedding,” Isaiah teases of his character’s storyline in the finale. “I tricked him to go,” he adds. Big brother Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and boyfriend Mickey (Noel Fisher) are finally tying the knot in the episode titled “Gallavich!”

“Because Liam’s such a smart character, he has to [figure out how to] get Frank in some way. So he tricked him.. Frank didn’t really like it, but at the end he was very excited that he went,” Isaiah shares. Fans will have to see how Liam pulls off he feat by tuning into the episode Sunday.

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While saying anymore on the schemes Liam’s planning would be heading into spoiler territory, Isaiah says, “Tune in Sunday to see what happens at the wedding.”

When it comes to sharing scenes with Macy, Isaiah details that the actor is always eliciting giggles from his costars. “That’s Bill,” Isaiah states of the Emmy winner, who makes him laugh the most. “He makes everyone laugh in the scenes.”

Macy’s not the only trickster on set, as Isaiah reveals that Monaghan and Ethan Cutkosky, who play his brothers, “put me in a trash can between takes at crafty.. and I couldn’t really get out of it. I’ve been trying to plan something for like this whole [season to get them back]. I’ve been trying to plan something good.”

With one more season to go, he should have plenty of time to plan something. Perhaps he can get some inspiration from the scripts? Despite the series being on for years, Isaiah still gets surprised by his character’s plots. “I actually do [get surprised], but at the same time I’m like, ‘it’s going to be something amazing and awesome.’ Liam has always been the smartest one in the family. So when I see the scripts, I’m like, ‘Man, that’s awesome.'”

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One of Isaiah’s favorite’s this season? “The scenes when I worked with Frank trying to sell the baby to the Nigerians. That was a lot of fun and we used a few babies so I got to play with a lot of babies during that episode.”

And it’s because of these fun moments that Isaiah’s sad about bidding the show farewell after the recently announced 11th and final season later this year. “I felt really sad to be honest, because people are so amazing on the cast and it just felt like a family,” he admits about first hearing the news. “So it was like every season that ended you just felt like a family and I love the bond. Everyone was so fun. I don’t want that to end.”

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But all good things must come to an end, and Isaiah’s walking away with a meaningful experience. “It has been such an honor working with this cast and I have truly learned some great life lessons in life and acting that I can carry with me for the rest of my life and career,” he says. “I have been blessed to work with such a great group of humble people.”

Catch Isaiah and the rest of his Shameless costars in the Season 10 finale this Sunday on Showtime.

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