Best Lines of the Week (April 9-15): ‘I Wish I’d Partied More’


This week, TV viewers learned the original story of the term “catfish” on The Circle (MTV’s Catfish host Nev Schulman must’ve been thrilled to hear the news) and Taylor Swift‘s re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was the talk of the town on Saturday Night Live. We’re sure she’ll just “Shake it Off” though!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! on Netflix was filled with witty one-liners, there were amazing Real Housewives moments on For Real: The Story of Reality TV, and William H. Macy‘s character Frank on Shameless leaves his family with a, well, very Frank sentiment in the series finale.

Check out some of this week’s best lines on TV below!


The Conners (ABC)

Becky: “I took your shampoo because I don’t what kind of stuff they’ll have there.”

Darlene: “You’re going to be picky? It’s not a vacation you know.”

Becky: “Just because drinking has made me dull and lifeless, doesn’t mean my hair has to be.”

— Becky (Lecy Goranson) jokes about needing voluminous hair while she prepares to go to rehab.


The Circle (Netflix)

“I’ve written 39 books under a female pen name, so I’ve been a catfish before they used the term catfish!”

Circle contestant Lee explains why he believes he has an edge on the competition due to his well-versed background using a pseudonym.

Bruce Greenwood The Resident Season 4 Randolph Bell

The Resident (Fox)

“Let love be what guides you and let that little girl go home to the family that already loves her and the parents that already want her.”

— Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) to Tina’s parents, who don’t want Bell’s stepson Jake (Conrad Ricamora) and Jake’s husband Greg to adopt their daughter’s baby because they’re gay


Saturday Night Live (NBC)

“Taylor Swift has released an album of re-recorded versions of her album “Fearless,” which she first made when she was 18. Wow, that’s impressive, because if I released an album of things I wrote when I was 18, I would be fired immediately.

—In the wake of the release of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Michael Che hints that the work of his 18-year-old self would not be as warmly received.


This is Us (NBC)

“Dad didn’t die ashamed of you. And the only reason I said it in our fight was because it was a cheap shot. I’m sorry. He was proud of you. I am proud of you. And I’m sorry that I ever let you think otherwise.”

—Randall (Sterling K. Brown) buries the hatchet with Kevin (Justin Hartley) after their fallout prompted by a lifetime of pent-up aggression.


The Nevers (HBO)

“Well, there’s plenty you can do with what’s at hand. It’s about confidence. As my mum used to say, if you can look a man in the eye, you can stab him in it.”

—Lucy (Elizabeth Berrington) gives some eccentric advice while preparing to improve security protecting the Touched.


Shameless (Showtime)

“You’re supposed to ask people on their deathbed if they wish they’d worked more or spent more time with their family. Me? Hell, I wish I’d partied more.”

—In the series finale, Frank (William H. Macy) gives his parting sentiments to his family… in the most Frank manner possible.


Amazon Studios

Them (Amazon Prime Video)

“I’m tired of running when they want us to run.”

—After buying a new house in a predominantly white neighborhood, Henry (Ashley Thomas) reassures his wife, Lucky (Deborah Ayorinde) that their decision was the right one.


Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (Netflix)

Sasha: “You know, Pops, I’m surprised you even know what Uber is.”

Stacy: “Oh, no, he doesn’t. He just gets in people’s cars and yells at them to take him home.”

—Stacy (Heather Hemmens) pokes fun at Pops’ (David Alan Grier) outdated approach to Ubering.


For Real: The Story of Reality TV (E!)

“There are two boobs and a tiara staring at me in the face.”

— The seven-part docuseries hosted by Andy Cohen reflected on iconic Real Housewives moments including Kyle Richard‘s reaction to Dana Wilkey’s outfit when arriving at her house.