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Birth Date: September 30, 1985

Age: 38 years old

Birth Place: West New York, New Jersey

At age 14, Katrina Law got her start in the world of acting. At the start of her acting career, Katrina Law appeared on television comedies like "Reba" (2001-07). She also appeared in the TV movie "44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout" (FX, 2002-03). In the early stages of her Hollywood career, Katrina Law held acting roles in films like the drama "Emmett's Mark" (2001) with Scott Wolf. Several more television roles followed in the early 2000s, including stints on "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012), "Chuck" (NBC, 2007-2012) and "Spartacus" (Starz, 2009). Katrina Law took on film roles in more recent years, appearing in the crime drama "Stiletto" (2009) with Tom Berenger and the romantic comedy "Alpha Male Experiments" (2013) with Jenny Alden. She also was featured in the TV movie "Snow Bride" (Hallmark Channel, 2013). She held additional roles in television including a part on "Arrow" (CW, 2012-). Most recently, Katrina Law appeared in "The 12 Gifts Of Christmas" (Hallmark Channel, 2015).

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