‘Hawaii Five-0’s Katrina Law Previews Quinn’s Reunion With Her Former Stepdaughter

Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 19 Quinn Stepdaughter Ex-Husband Preview

It’s a family reunion for Quinn (Katrina Law) in Friday’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 — but one that arises for a very troubling reason.

In “E ho‘i na keiki oki uaua o na pali” (Hawaiian for “Home go the very tough lads of the hills”), Quinn’s former stepdaughter, Olivia (Sienna Agudong) — yes, Quinn was married and is now obviously divorced — calls her for help when her father doesn’t come home. And the key word to describe Quinn’s relationships with both Olivia and her father, Jake, is “complicated,” according to Law.

Here, Law teases what to expect from Quinn in this episode and for the rest of the season.

How does being around Olivia affect Quinn? What’s their relationship like?

Katrina Law: Being around Olivia, you get to really see Quinn’s protective side. She loves this girl and Olivia was probably one of the reasons why she stayed in this marriage for even the short time that she did. You get to see how complicated it is trying to keep in touch with a stepdaughter knowing that it’s really complicated with the ex-husband. You see a softer side to Quinn, and you see a fierce love come out of Quinn for this young girl.

Katrina Law Hawaii Five-0 Quinn Olivia


Speaking of that complicated relationship with Olivia’s father, how would you describe it?

Tumultuous at best. This season so far, we’ve seen Quinn come across as a very put together, organized, fierce, and determined detective. And in this episode, her entire past is basically contradictory to what we’ve seen so far. You see an anger and a resentment but also still this love come up for her ex-husband. It’s a little heartbreaking.

How have those relationships shaped Quinn into the person she was when we and Five-0 first met her?

Quinn’s marriage and then eventual divorce was really a huge wake-up call for her. We find out through a little bit of this backstory that she may or may not have had some abandonment issues with her father. When that happens, there’s a huge void in people’s hearts and souls that they try to fill.

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She’s not necessarily proud of it, but I think Quinn regrets some of the decisions that she makes and how she tried to find love and what she was willing to do for it. After she realized that she had put on blinders for this man who’s completely wrong for her and fell for all of his tricks — especially her being a detective, she should’ve been able to see through a lot of his B.S. — it was a huge wake-up call for her that she needed to get her life together and find a healthier way.

How have Quinn’s relationships with the team members changed over this season? And how do we see that play out this week and in the final episodes?

When Quinn first came on to Hawaii Five-0, she was definitely the outsider, the newbie, as you would expect her to be, but she was welcomed into the team so quickly and so full-heartedly and developed great relationships with Tani and Grover. She very quickly fell in love with this group of people and considers them family. All of that protectiveness you see her give to her stepdaughter, she has now transferred that over to the Five-0 family as well.

Katrina Law Ian Anthony Dale Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Quinn Adam


We see her with Adam quite a bit in this episode.

Yes, working with Ian [Anthony Dale] was so much fun. He was such a beautiful acting partner to be with and so supportive and just grounded and solid and a rock when I needed him to be.

I think it’s interesting the writers had Quinn reach out to Adam versus someone like Tani, but as the episode goes on, it’s very apparent why because I don’t think Quinn was willing or ready to share her past of being married with the entire team yet. It’s a very sensitive subject still, but she knew that she needed help.

Adam was the perfect person to reach out to because she knows that he wouldn’t judge her for this past because he’s had his own past as well. He was really good at keeping secrets but also had the resources she needed. By the end of it, she definitely has a bond with Adam that she didn’t quite have before.

How will we see how Quinn has changed play out for the rest of the season?

You’re going to see how much she loves this Five-0 ohana and how protective she is and how far she’s willing to go to protect her own, but then also just how grateful she is to have them in her life.

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