Gibbs’ Future, a Potential Crossover & More Burning Questions for ‘NCIS’ Season 19

NCIS Team Torres Bishop McGee Gibbs
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NCIS said goodbye to one of the team in the Season 18 finale and made us think we might be losing someone else in the final moments before revealing that’s not the case. And both have us very curious about what’s coming next.

After all, we know next to nothing about the undercover op Bishop (Emily Wickersham, who has left the series) sets out on, other than she needs to be a disgraced NCIS agent for it. And yes, Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) boat exploded (he survived), but we don’t know who’s responsible. Since being suspended from NCIS, he’s been working with investigator reporter Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber), most recently looking into a serial killer.

When Will Gibbs Return to 'NCIS' in Season 19? (POLL)See Also

When Will Gibbs Return to 'NCIS' in Season 19? (POLL)

Gibbs is still on indefinite suspension, but that has to change ... right?

That’s not even taking into consideration Special Agent Jessica Knight’s (Katrina Law) future after she lost her entire REACT team and subsequently worked with McGee (Sean Murray), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and Bishop to find answers. Then there’s NCIS‘ move to Monday nights in the fall; it will be airing at 9/8c before the newest spinoff, Hawai’i. You can bet we have an obvious question there.

Scroll down to find out what other answers we need in Season 19.

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NCIS Gibbs Boat Explodes Season 18 Finale

Who blew up Gibbs' boat and why?

As we’ve speculated, it could have been any number of people, including the serial killer, another foe, and Gibbs himself. Was the bomb planted because Gibbs is getting too close in his and Marcie’s investigation? Was it planted to make someone think he’s dead? (Gibbs did seem to be dead or playing dead before he started swimming away following the explosion.)

NCIS Season 18 Funeral Gibbs
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Will Gibbs pick up his badge and gun again?

Gibbs is currently on indefinite suspension (after beating up a man who was hosting dogfights and killing the losers and not regretting it). But whose decision will it be if he returns to work? Bishop seemed to think he doesn’t plan to in the finale, and to be fair, we haven’t seen anything from him that suggests he wants to.

NCIS Torres Bishop McGee Season 18 Team
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How will the team (specifically Torres) deal with Bishop's departure?

We’re not worried about how McGee and Torres will get their jobs done. We’re more concerned about how they’ll handle losing their friend and almost-girlfriend. After all, McGee had that emotional talk with Bishop when she was pretending to be a traitor and she (finally) kissed Torres goodbye before heading off on her op. “If we worked regular 9-5 jobs, things could be different,” she admitted. “I didn’t mean for us to happen.”

NCIS Season 18 Finale Bishop Wickersham
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Will we hear anything about what Bishop's up to?

Since Bishop has left NCIS, the only way we’ll find out what’s happened to her is through the others’ conversations, which likely would only happen once she’s completed her mission. Let’s just hope it’s not her friends finding out something went horribly wrong. (Although, if it does, history has proven that things can always change.)

NCIS Torres Knight McGee Team Season 18 Finale
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Will Jessica Knight join the team full-time?

The end of Law’s first episode strongly foreshadowed the possibility. After all, as Knight wondered where she belonged, McGee suggested that families can grow, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the team’s did just that and added her to the mix. They are down a member with Bishop leaving, which comes on top of them being without Gibbs (McGee is doing quite nicely leading). There’s no way that the team isn’t going to gain at least one member in Season 19, so why not have it be someone fans have already met and who does seem to work quite well with the others?

NCIS Gibbs Team Ziva Return
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Will any past cast members return?

Hey, if Ziva (Cote de Pablo) can come back from the dead, as she did at the end of Season 16, anything is possible, right? Isn’t it about time we see Tony (Michael Weatherly) again, with or without Ziva? A visit from Fornell (Joe Spano) is always good, especially since we would like to see how he’s doing after his daughter’s death. Why not bring back Dr. Rachel Cranston (Wendy Makkena)? The entire team could benefit from talking to a psychologist, especially since Jack (Maria Bello) left, and it’s always good to see Kate’s (Sasha Alexander) sister.

NCIS Marcie Gibbs Serial Killer Investigation Season 18
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When will Gibbs and Marcie's serial killer investigation cross paths with NCIS?

It’s inevitable, right? That investigation can’t remain independent from Gibbs’ old workplace forever. Perhaps if Gibbs has faked his own death, the team will start looking into what he was doing prior to his boat exploding.

NCIS Torres Bishop Farewell Season 18 Finale
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Why is NCIS so unlucky in love?

We’re just looking at relationships where both are series regulars, meaning Tony and Ziva, Gibbs and Jack, and Bishop and Torres. What do these three pairs have in common other than being a will they/won’t they couple on the CBS procedural? Each finally shared a kiss before one of the two left or was left. We can’t help but feel that this is one pattern that won’t be broken before the series ends.

Vanessa Lachey Headshot
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Will there be a crossover with NCIS: Hawai'i?

NCIS did move nights to air before the new spinoff in the fall. Does that mean there will be a crossover of any kind, even if it’s just Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) popping up on-screen from MTAC?