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An ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library solves impossible mysteries.

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Monday, May 27

And the Crown of King Arthur

Season 1 • Episode 1

When someone begins killing off potential librarians, Flynn and Col. Eve Baird must save them.

Monday, May 27

And the Sword in the Stone

Season 1 • Episode 2

Flynn, Col. Baird and the potential librarians must stop the Serpent Brotherhood.

Monday, May 27

And the Horns of a Dilemma

Season 1 • Episode 3

The librarians' first solo mission hits a snag when Baird loses the others in a magical labyrinth.

Monday, May 27

And Santa's Midnight Run

Season 1 • Episode 4

The librarians must rescue Santa and help him accomplish the secret purpose of Christmas.

Monday, May 27

And the Apple of Discord

Season 1 • Episode 5

When the dragons sleeping beneath the earth threaten to awaken, Flynn returns.

Monday, May 27

And the Fables of Doom

Season 1 • Episode 6

The librarians travel to a town where fairy tales come to life and attack.

Monday, May 27

And the Rule of Three

Season 1 • Episode 7

A group of competitive high school students start undercutting each other with witchcraft.

Monday, May 27

And the Heart of Darkness

Season 1 • Episode 8

The librarians encounter the house behind the legend of all haunted houses.

Monday, May 27

And the City of Light

Season 1 • Episode 9

An investigation into a missing person uncovers what appears to be an alien invasion.

Monday, May 27

And the Loom of Fate

Season 1 • Episode 10

Baird begins moving through alternate timelines that reveal the destinies of the librarians.

Monday, May 27

And the Drowned Book

Season 2 • Episode 1

The librarians are drawn together to solve the mystery of a massive storm.

Monday, May 27

And the Broken Staff

Season 2 • Episode 2

The librarians are pitted against Frankenstein's monster and Sherlock Holmes' nemesis Moriarty.

Monday, May 27

And What Lies Beneath the Stones

Season 2 • Episode 3

Stone, Cassandra and Ezekiel team up to investigate a shape-shifting god.

Monday, May 27

And the Cost of Education

Season 2 • Episode 4

When students begin disappearing at Wexler College, the librarians head out to investigate.

Monday, May 27

And the Hollow Men

Season 2 • Episode 5

Flynn is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger with both amnesia and a collection of artifacts.

Monday, May 27

And the Infernal Contract

Season 2 • Episode 6

Baird's old friend finds himself embroiled in a scandal in the form of a contract with the devil.

Saturday, June 1

And the Image of Image

Season 2 • Episode 7

People begin suffering the effects of accidents and sins in which they have not been involved.

Saturday, June 1

And the Point of Salvation

Season 2 • Episode 8

The team is sent to a research facility where the researchers have been turned into monsters.

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