8 TV Episodes That Went Inside Video Games (PHOTOS)

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Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, X, Files, Community
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Game On

From The Big Bang Theory to The X-Files, many of your favorite shows have been inspired by video games, either having characters become obsessed gamers or become players within a virtual reality. Take a look at some of the episodes that have viewers rooting FTW.
The Simpsons

"Marge Gamer," The Simpsons

Episode 17, Season 18

It only took Marge Simpson 18 seasons to discover the Internet after being ridiculed for her lack of an e-mail address. Enthralled by the World Wide Web, she soon discovers Earthland Realms, which spoofed online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft. In the game world, Marge interacts with many Springfield residents: Apu as a gem trader, Chief Wiggum as a pigman and Mr. Burns as a mantis. Marge’s video game obsession eventually causes a rift between her and Bart, the game’s mysterious and deadly Shadow Knight, when he accidentally kills her game avatar.
Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco

"The Barbarian Sublimation," The Big Bang Theory

Episode 3, Season 2

Experiencing a low point in her life, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) asks Sheldon to teach her how to play Age of Conan. Soon Penny becomes addicted to the game, calling Sheldon at all hours of day and night for game advice. The only reason she stopped? When an in-game date with a guy turned out to be none other than…Howard (Simon Helberg).

"Anthology of Interest II," Futurama

Episode 4, Season 3

When the peace agreement between Earth and planet Nintendu 64 go wrong, aliens invade with Space Invader ships. TK With references to classic video games like Pac Man, Space Invaders and Mario Brothers, this episode makes any Futurama or gaming fan smile. Some fans even joke that Adam Sandler ripped off this segment of the show for the disastrous animated film, Pixels.
Community, Danny Pudi
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"Digital Estate Planning," Community

Episode 20, Season 3

In order to win an inheritance, Pierce (Chevy Chase) must win a video game designed by his father over the course of 30 years. While his friends refuses to compete against him, his father’s estate manager and his half-brother Gilbert Lawson (Ginacarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad) don't have second thoughts about going after the inheritance. But in order to get the money, they must all become 16-bit animated characters that travel through and battle each other in a mash-up of classic games such as Mega Man, Super Mario Bros 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog.
The Fairly Odd Parents

"Power Mad," Fairly Odd Parents

Season 1, Episode 2

In a show that has fairies making any wish a reality, it’s no surprise that in the animated series has Timmy wishing to go inside a video game. Soon enough, it becomes clear that entering the game world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and he and friends Chester and A.J. must finish the game before the power goes out and they’re trapped forever.
The Librarians

"And the Point of Salvation," The Librarians

Season 2, Episode 8

When the Librarians and Eve (Rebecca Romijn) investigate a high-tech company, a malfunction causes them to be trapped in a time loop with only Ezekiel (John Kim) retaining his memory. When he realizes the time loop has caused them to be trapped inside a video game that reboots every time someone dies, he must find a way to advance to the highest level to prevent the system from crashing—and everyone from being deleted.
X Files, Gillan Anderson, David Duchovny

"First Person Shooter," The X-Files

Season 7, Episode 13

After a few players in a new virtual reality game are killed by a mysterious female character and actually die in real life, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) visit the headquarters of First Person Shooter to investigate the game that has a mind of its own. When the Lone Gunman become trapped in the game looking for the woman, the agents suit up to stop the game from getting too out of control.
Gravity Falls
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"Fight Fighters," Gravity Falls

Episode 10, Season 1

Dipper is shocked to see Rumble McSkirmish, his favorite Fight Fighters character, come to life after challenged to a fight by Wendy’s boyfriend, Robbie. But Dipper soon loses control of Rumble McSkirmish and must stop him before he injures someone. The episode features a number of references to Street Fighter, specifically Street Fighter II, which characters inspired by two notable characters Ken and Ryu.
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