John Harlan Kim

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Birth Date: January 10, 1993

Age: 31 years old

Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia

John Kim is an Australian actor who broke out in the States in 2014 when he nabbed a recurring role on the TNT adventure series "The Librarians" (TNT, 2014- ). A native Australian of Korean descent, Kim was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria in 1995, and was very active as a boy. He played all kinds of sports, like basketball and tennis, and dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. It wasn't until he turned 15, however, that Kim started envisioning a career as an actor. It was at that age that the young teenager was spotted by an Australian talent agent who thought Kim had something special.

After signing with the agent, Kim started appearing as an extra on various Australian TV shows, while also auditioning for film and television roles. His first big break came in 2010 when he nabbed a part as a teenage Japanese soldier in the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced World Ward II mini-series "The Pacific" (HBO, 2010). Kim quickly signed with a major talent agent after appearing on the series, and soon after began appearing as Dale McGregor on the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" (Eleven, 1985- ). Kim appeared on 14 episodes of the soap, and after leaving the show in 2011, would take a brief three-year hiatus from acting.

He returned to the small screen in 2014 on the American TV series "The Librarians," alongside Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette. The second season of the show premiered on November 1, 2015, with Kim reprising his role as Ezekiel Jones.

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