7 Things to Expect in ‘The Librarians’ Season 2 Finale


It’s a blast to the past for The Librarians during this week’s Season 2 finale. Sunday’s episode of the TNT series will see the team dealing with the fallout from the previous week’s episode, wherein Prospero (Richard Cox) supercharged the world’s magic and moved the ley lines from land to sky.

To stop the tempestuous villain, the Librarians are forced to split up into two teams to thwart Prospero in the past and the present. “The Librarians realize that the clock has run out and that they have to stop Prospero,” says executive producer Dean Devlin of the team’s main focus. “They realize there’s only one way to do it: They have to travel through time.” Adds fellow EP John Rogers, “That may mean going back to when he was born. So some of the Librarians go back to 1611 to discover how Prospero manifested from Shakespeare’s Tempest.”

Since it’s almost the end of the world in the season’s last episode, we caught up with Devlin and Rogers to find out what’s coming up on Sunday.

1. Flynn and Eve will be time traveling to the past.
Despite going back in time to a completely different century, neither Flynn (Noah Wyle) nor Eve (Rebecca Romijn) will actually enjoy time travel. “Flynn hates it. He thinks it’s just yucky.” says Devlin of the duo’s feelings on the matter. “As he tries to explain it to [Eve], her head hurts from hearing [about] it because of all the paradoxes.”

2. The remaining team will be dealing with the present.
While Flynn and Eve are off in a different century, Jake (Christian Kane), Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and Ezekiel (John Kim) will be tackling problems of their own in the present. But it won’t be easy, as there’s no way for both teams to communicate back and forth. Rogers teases there will be additional complications that the team will also have to deal with. “They are trying to stop, with no guarantee, the things that happened in the past, [with] no idea if their friends can come back. They have to figure out some way to stop Prospero without their friends and without fully knowing the whole story, which the team in the past is discovering.”

3. No more new fictionals will be introduced.
Moriarty (David S. Lee) and Prospero will be the only literary villains the Librarians will have to worry about dispatching in Sundays’ episode. “We decided not to bring in new ones towards the end,” says Devlin. However, there will be plenty of actual historical people for Flynn to get excited about. “He gets all fan boy-y,” says Devlin. However, that enthusiasm won’t extend to his partner in time travel. “Eve is practical. She’s the most focused of all the Librarians.”

4. The magical community in 1611 won’t be making an appearance.
“When you’re manifesting magic powers back then, they tend to burn you [at the stake]. So it’s on the [down low]” says Rogers, about the magic that might be present in the past. “Unfortunately, our episodes are only 41 minutes long, so there’s an enormous amount of world building that we don’t get to.”

5. The Ladies of the Lake won’t be contacting Cassandra again (this season).
“That was very much us planting deep seeds,” says Rogers of Cassandra’s run-in with them earlier this season. “It was us laying the groundwork for the bigger conflict that, in theory, will be coming in Season 3.” Adds Devlin, “Now that magic is becoming more and more known, there’s a lot of different agendas when it comes to magic. The Ladies of the Lake have their own agenda with magic.”

6. There will be a moment that decides if Ezekiel recalls his recent sacrifice.
Even the writers can’t agree on whether Ezekiel remembers his sacrifice for the team.“That’s why we have that last shot [in the episode], because we really fought about it quite bitterly,” explains Rogers, adding that it’s ultimately up to the audience to decide. “I don’t think the audience should automatically assume he doesn’t remember. Whether he does or not, that’s Ezekiel Jones’ business.” However, for those who are looking for a more definitive answer, Rogers says to watch the finale carefully. “You’ll get a very satisfying moment in the finale where either he remembers, or they’ve told him about it. Both make sense for his ending this year.”

7. The Library will reveal its Time Machine room.
Considering that the Library contains a room full of goats as well as a path to the tree of knowledge, it should come as no shock that the magical structure also contains a room full of ways to travel throughout time. “Anyone who watches our show knows that all of the writers, and myself, are huge Doctor Who fans,” says Devlin. “So there’s always winks and references to [the show]. In fact, you’ll see a scene in the finale where we go into the time travel machine room. There are little winks to some of the great time travel machines we’ve seen in other shows, all stored in that room.”

The Librarians, Season finale, Sunday, Dec. 27, 8/7c, TNT.