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Marvelous Ms. Maisel - tony shalhoub

Watch My Show: Tony Shalhoub on Amazon’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

Lady Dynamite

Watch My Show: ‘Lady Dynamite’s Maria Bamford Calls Her Show ‘A Miracle’

You, Me, Her

Watch My Show: ‘You Me Her’ is the Polyromantic Comedy With ‘Valid Emotional Stakes’

the real world

Watch My Show: ‘Real World’ Boss Says ‘What’s Wrong With Hot Tubs and Hook Ups?’

For Peete's Sake

Watch My Show: Holly Robinson Peete on ‘For Peete’s Sake’


Watch My Show: ‘Bosch’ Is ‘The Next Binge Experience,’ Says Henrik Bastin

Damien - Bradley James

Watch My Show: ‘Damien’ Is For Fans Of ‘Cinematic TV,’ Says Glen Mazzara


Watch My Show: ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’s Writers on What They Left Out, and Dreams of a Johnnie Cochran Spin-Off

Rev Run's Sunday Suppers

Watch My Show: ‘Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers’s Jason Carbone on His Recipe for Success

Mad Dogs / Pilot

Watch My Show: Why Amazon’s ‘Mad Dogs’ Deserves Another Look

Recovery Road

Watch My Show: How to Get into the ‘Recovery Road’ Habit

Hit The Floor

Watch My Show: Why VH1’s ‘Hit the Floor’ Is Good Enough for Beyonce

Master P's Family Empire

Watch My Show: Master P on Why His Show is “‘Empire’ Without the Fake Stuff”


Watch My Show: Neil deGrasse Tyson Brings the Universe Down to Earth, on TV

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter

Watch My Show: ‘Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter’s Jon Glaser on Mixing Horror With Stupidity

Truth Be Told - Season 1

Watch My Show: ‘Truth Be Told’ Producer Wants Everyone But His Wife to Tune In


Watch My Show: ‘Going Deep’s David Rees on the Proper Way to Pet a Dog ‘and’ Bounce a Ball

Gabriel Iglesias

Watch My Show: ‘Fluffy Breaks Even’s Gabriel Iglesias Is a Glutton for Pain


Watch My Show: Get Addicted to ‘Narcos’ if You Loved ‘Breaking Bad’

Married - Nat Faxon as Russ, Judy Greer as Lina

Watch My Show: ‘Married’ Creator on His Show’s Truthful “Sadgasms”


Watch My Show: Netflix’s ‘Club de Cuervos’ Is for Viewers Who Like ‘Tacos and Orgies’

Startup U

Watch My Show: ABC Family’s ‘Startup U’ is a Cross Between ‘Shark Tank’ and Hogwarts


Watch My Show: Disney XD’s ‘Pickle and Peanut’ May Be Your Kids’ New Obsession

Miles From Tomorrowland

Watch My Show: Miles From Tomorrowland Is Out of the World for Kids

Hit Record On TV

Watch My Show: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants You to Hit Record

Knife Fight

Watch My Show: Knife Fight’s Producer on Why Her Cooking Competition Cuts Deep

Outback Nation

Watch My Show: Outback Nation’s Producer on Why You Should Watch His “Backyard Tarzan”

The Comedians

Watch My Show: The Comedians’ Ben Wexler on Why Bears (and People) Should Tune In

Fresh Off The Boat

Watch My Show: Fresh Off the Boat’s Nahnatchka Khan on Pulling Off a Remarkable First Season

American Odyssey

Watch My Show: American Odyssey’s Peter Horton and Adam Armus on Adrenaline, Conspiracies and Camels

Barely Famous

Watch My Show: Barely Famous Producer on Blurring the Lines Between Scripted and Unscripted

Richie Rich

Watch My Show: Richie Rich’s Brian Robbins on Why His Netflix Show is Money

Billy and Billie

Watch My Show: Billy and Billie’s Neil LaBute on His Unconventional Love Story


Watch My Show: ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ Creator on Her Groundbreaking Disney XD Cartoon


Watch My Show: Full Circle’s Writer on Setting Up the Show’s Grittier Season 2

One Big Happy

Watch My Show: One Big Happy Creator on Why Her Comedy Is Overdue on TV

Outlaw Country - Monk Bros

Watch My Show: Jason Hervey on Outlaw Country’s Wonder Year

The Jack and Triumph Show

Watch My Show: Jack McBrayer Wants You to Go to Bed Angry With The Jack and Triumph Show

Penn Zero

Watch My Show: Why You Should Make Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero a Full-Time Commitment

Helix 2015

Watch My Show: Steve Maeda on Why You Shouldn’t Miss Helix