Watch My Show: ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ Creator on Her Groundbreaking Disney XD Cartoon

Disney XD

Disney XD’s new animated series Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a true rarity in cartoons: A show centered around a girl who kicks butt. Newcomer Daron Nefcy created Star, which follows the adventures of a teen princess who receives an all-powerful magic wand for her 14th birthday and is sent by her royal parents to live on Earth with the Diaz family.

Star (Eden Sher) and her pal Marco (Adam McArthur) navigate high school while also taking multi-dimensional trips and battling her arch-nemesis Ludo (Alan Tudyk), who wants that wand. Nia Vardalos and Jenny Slate are also among the cast, while Season 1 guest voices include Michael C. Hall, Anna Camp, Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter. Nefcy took our showrunner survey to explain why we should trek to watch Star (which already has a Season 2 pickup).

I have time to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?

You should watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil because the show features a kick-butt magical princess from another dimension who becomes a foreign exchange student on Earth and battles otherworldly monsters to protect her wand. It was the kind of show I always wanted to see and never found on TV.

Who should be watching?

Everyone who thinks magic is cool, which I hope is everyone! It’s a show both kids and adults can enjoy.

What happens if we don’t watch?

There’s a chance you’ll get zapped to another dimension to live as a foreign exchange student…but without magical powers.

What’s the best thing someone has said about your show?

I’ve been amazed by the tons of comics and fan art people are making from just seeing the theme song at Comic-Con last summer. I love that people are really connecting to the show and making their own stories. I used to make comics about Sonic the Hedgehog, so it makes me happy they’re doing the same for Star.

What’s the worst thing?

Honestly, I haven’t seen too much negative stuff yet, but it’s early! Either way, it doesn’t matter because you can’t please everyone.

Who was right?


What’s an alternate title for your show?
Magical Girl Star Butterfly!

Give us an equation for your show.

Sailor Moon plus Scott Pilgrim plus Harry Potter times lots of super cool French comics, plus Game of Thrones (minus the nudity, of course), plus every 80’s cartoon I ever loved, divided by my childhood.

Come up with a premise for a spin-off.

A prequel to the show about all the crazy adventures best friends Star and Pony Head got into when they were hanging out at the bounce lounge. I’d really love to explore all those club kids from that episode!

What credit of yours would you prefer we forget?

I haven’t worked on anything I regret…yet.

Tell us one thing about your cast.

Eden Sher, who voices Star, considers herself a real-life version of her character, but with a filter, and wishes she could contort her face in a similar fashion. When you see Star’s many faces, this will make more sense!

On what other series would you like to be an executive producer?

Broad City because it’s my favorite show right now! Those girls are so funny. I want Ilana and Abby to be my best friends.

Let’s scare the network. Tell us something that didn’t make it to air.

We were going to do one where Skullnick and the orange monster from the episode “Matchmaker” get back together, but we cut it because the monster romance was super gross.

Finish this sentence: “If you like________, you’ll love our show.”

Magic, unicorns, karate, monsters, puppies that shoot lasers out of their eyes, and high school drama.

Pick a show and start a fake feud.
Gravity Falls. I’d like to see what would happen if we dropped Star and Mabel into a Hunger Games-type arena.

What other show would you like to do a crossover episode with?

Rick and Morty because they could go on some really weird adventures with Star and Marco.

How will your show change the face of TV as we know it?

I hope it will inspire more animated shows with cool girls as lead characters!

Star vs. The Forces of Evil premieres Monday, March 30 at 8/7c on DisneyXD.