Watch My Show: Jason Hervey on Outlaw Country’s Wonder Year

Outlaw Country - Monk Bros
WGN America
Outlaw Country - Monk Bros

Viewers may remember Jason Hervey best as Wayne Arnold, Kevin’s older brother on the 1980s hit The Wonder Years. But Hervey has spent the past decade on the other side of the camera, executive producing series such as Hardcore Pawn: Chicago and the Scott Baio sitcom See Dad Run. Now he’s behind WGN America’s Outlaw Country, an unscripted series about the clash between Buckner, Missouri, law enforcement agents (and brothers) Mike and Steve Cook and their rivals, John and Josh Monk, two brothers that the Cooks allege are behind an increase in criminal behavior.

Hervey filled out our “Watch My Show” showrunner survey to explain why we should take a trip to Outlaw Country.

I have time to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?

Outlaw Country is a documentary series unlike anything you’ve seen before based upon our unique access to a small-town in crisis. In Outlaw Country, we’re on the inside of a long running vendetta between two sets of warring brothers taking place in a good town with a lot of bad blood.

Who should be watching?

There’s something in it for everyone. There’s action, suspense and violence, not to mention it’s simply a badass one-hour drama.

What happens if we don’t watch?

The Monk brothers might pay you a visit.

What’s an alternate title for your show?

The Wonder Years didn’t seem so appropriate. Plus it was taken.

Give us an equation for your show.

Outlaw Country at times feels like a Sam Peckinpah directed series that has overtones of Justified, an element of The Wire, meets a real stakes, dramatic version of The Dukes of Hazzard minus Boss Hogg… and a touch of Pretty Little Liars.

Come up with a premise for a spin-off.

Chopped & Dropped, where the Monks open up their unique car customization business to their bad boy clientele. But let’s get Season 2 picked up first!

What credit of yours would you prefer we forget?

“Hunk of the Month,” Tiger Beat. (See photo, right)

Tell us one thing about your cast.

Both sides, the Alliance and the Task Force, are similarly fearless and wickedly loyal.

On what other series would you like to be an executive producer?

Magic City, but they’ve got to bring it back first… and Pretty Little Liars.

Finish this sentence: “If you like________, you’ll love our show.”

If you like good storytelling and strong characters who will navigate you through a town’s mythology and secrets on Tuesday nights at 10pm, you’ll love our show.

Pick a show and start a fake feud.

Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. Some of these guys need dates.

What other show would you like to do a crossover episode with?

WGN’s Salem because at the end of this series it sure does feel like someone is going to get burned at the stake.

How will your show change the face of TV as we know it?

That’s a question only our viewers can decide, however, I firmly believe this is the evolution of the one-hour drama.

Outlaw Country airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on WGN America.