Watch My Show: ‘Married’ Creator on His Show’s Truthful “Sadgasms”

Married - Nat Faxon as Russ, Judy Greer as Lina - '1997'
Prashant Gupta/FX

Is a daydreaming Russ (Nat Faxon) getting too close to his assistant? And what will Lina (Judy Greer) do about it? FX’s Married, from creator Andrew Gurland (The Virginity Hit) has chronicled the all-too-real foibles of middle-age marriage for two seasons, sometimes getting a little too uncomfortably close to the truth.

Married wraps up its second season on Thursday, Oct. 1, with back-to-back episodes at 10/9c on FX. We asked Gurland to fill out our “Watch My Show” showrunners’ survey and explain why we should get hitched with Married.

I’ve got room in my life to watch just one more show. Tell me why it should be yours.
It’s cheaper than going to a marriage counselor.

Who should be watching?
My ex-girlfriend and her tool of a husband.

What happens if we don’t watch your show?
I will come to your flat and act it out for you.

What’s the best thing anyone has said or written about your show?
A lot of couples we know have said it seems like we have hidden cameras in their homes.

What’s the worst thing?
A lot of single people have said the show makes them never want to get married.

Who was right?
All I’ll say is that long-term relationships are not romantic montages.

What’s an alternate title for your show?
Ain’t Love Grand

Give us an equation for your show.
Married with Children minus Children plus Children.

Come up with a premise for the spin-off.
Russ and Lina’s daughter are kidnapped by the Chinese circus.

What credit of yours would you prefer we forget?
“Jew with Limp” from Schindler’s List.

Tell me one thing about your cast.
They are all hilarious people who aren’t afraid to be real.

What other series would you most like to be an executive producer on?

Let’s scare the network. Tell us an idea that didn’t make it on to the screen.
Russ and Lina get sex changes, but keep that original plumbing, yo.

Finish this sentence: “If you like _______, you’ll love our show.

Pick another show, any show, to start a fake feud with.
The 700 Club. I hate that guy and by that guy, I mean Jesus. (JK, he’s actually my co-showrunner.)

What other show would you like to do a cross-over episode with—and how would that go?
The Mindy Project. Mindy would make some nice new friends, and maybe her and Danny would finally settle down.

How will your show change the face of TV as we know it?
I don’t think it will, but I can guarantee that long after the human era, the show will live on as an alien favorite.