'Longmire' Stars Prepare for 'Longmire Days' Fan Fest in Wyoming


Several cast members from the beloved crime drama Longmire are heading to Wyoming this week for the eighth annual Longmire Days fan event.

Scheduled to run Thursday through Sunday in Buffalo, the long weekend will include a parade, a 5-kilometer run, a softball game, a car show, contests, panel discussions and performances.

"Can't wait to get back to Wyoming, the band is getting back together, bring it on @fallsaustralia @adamlbartley @zahnmcclarnon @johnglenbishop @therealkateesackhoff @hatface @barrypaulsloane @branchlives," Robert Taylor wrote in a Facebook post Friday.

Taylor played small-town, Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire on the show 2012-17.

Helping Walt maintain law and order in fictional Absaroka County were his deputies Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff,) Branch Connally (Bailey Chase,) and The Ferg (Adam Bartley,) as well as his dispatcher Ruby (Louanne Stephens.)

Lou Diamond Phillips played Walt's best friend and unofficial partner in crime-fighting Henry Standing Bear and Zahn McClarnon played Mathias, police chief of the nearby Cheyenne reservation's tribal police.

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"Just 3 more days now... #longmiredays," Bartley tweeted Sunday.

Earlier this month, he shared on social media a cast and crew photo from the show's first season.

"It's very rare in this business to bond and gel in the very specific way this group did," Bartley captioned the group shot. "Friendships forged in the collective struggle to create something bigger than our individual selves. Thousands of hours of detailed work by so many that goes unseen and uncredited mostly. Labors of love and the mastery of craft in service of the story, and of the shared spirit between us. I assure you it shows up on camera. Every job vital to the work you get to see."

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Stephens shared on Twitter Friday a photo of her packing for the trip to Buffalo: "Something's not right! I leave for LONGMIRE DAYS next week and I seem too organized? What am I missing?"

Phillips, who will soon be seen in the new show Prodigal Son, apologized to fans for missing Longmire Days.

"Sadly, once again, I'm working and that prevents me from attending. Sending much Love to everyone there," Phillips tweeted Saturday.

The series was first broadcast on A&E and then was picked up after cancellation by Netflix. It is based on Craig Johnson's best-selling novels. Johnson announced in that a new Longmire novel called Land of Wolves is due out in September.

By Karen Butler

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.