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TV Westerns Crossword

Westerns feel like one of the most durable genres on TV. You would think that shows about a man and his horse (or a man and his gun, or a man and his deputy, or a man and his saloon girlfriend) wouldn’t age very well, but Westerns have always been here to stay. Sure, there are fewer of them now, while there is still no shortage of family sitcoms and cop shows and workplace comedies. But when done right, TV Westerns capture our viewing hearts. We love to watch the sheriff fight for law and order, but let’s face it, we also love a little bit of the lawlessness of the Wild West! And, judging by our mailbox, more of the current Westerns are still near and dear to our readers. Longmire and Justified got more than their fair share of fan mail, and readers can’t stop talking about the Walker reboot with Jared Padalecki and, most of all, everyone seems to love watching Kevin Costner and his clan in Yellowstone. So saddle up and unholster those pencils! —Michael Fell, Editor-in-Chief of TV Guide Magazine


Vol 2, Issue 4

This crossword puzzle originally appeared in the TV Westerns issue of Puzzler magazine.

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