6 Things We’d Want to See in a ‘Longmire’ Movie (PHOTOS)

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Longmire Walt

What life looks like for retired Walt

We got a brief look at that at the end of the series finale — and it included a cell phone for Walt! — but could that last? Taylor said that retirement was “always” on his character’s mind, and “he could walk away and still be the same guy.”

“He just felt like there was a job that needed to be done and wasn’t sure there was anybody else who could do it,” he explained. While he felt that he could retire by series’ end, if there is ever a movie, it’s likely something would happen that would necessitate him wearing the badge once again.

Longmire Walt Vic

What life looks like for Walt and Vic together

It took six seasons, but Walt and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) finally got together in the finale. “You’ll never mean as much to me as my baby, and I will never mean as much to you as your wife,” she told him, but that was “okay.” It was a mature way to look at things and something they had to accept about each other, but could they continue indefinitely that way or could that lead to cracks in their relationship down the line?

With a movie, we could pick up after they’ve been together for at least a few years and see what they’re like as a couple.

Longmire Ferg

Did Ferg win back Meg?

We didn’t see Meg in the series finale, but Ferg (Adam Bartley) certainly had quite the speech for her. “I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. All I can think about is what a jerk I was, how I let my own jealousy, my own insecurity blind me from what matters most in my life, and that’s you,” he practiced to her mother. “Hurting you was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.” He just wanted a chance to make it up to her.

However, she said he needed a big gesture, and so he dressed in a tuxedo and took flowers to her. We didn’t see what he said to her, or how she reacted. A movie could show us where they are in the future, whether or not they’re together.

Ursula Coyote / Netflix

Cady succeeding — or failing — as sheriff

Walt thought Cady (Cassidy Freeman) was the right person to replace him. “You know the law better than I do. You know this place. You know these people. You know right from wrong,” he said. “And you’ve got a good heart.” She pointed out she didn’t know how to be a cop, but he had faith in her.

Because of the way the series finale ended, we didn’t get to see her in the new job. And since a movie would likely pick up a few years later, she’d probably be settled in by that time — or perhaps she’d be doing something different. Either way, we’d get an idea how she was as sheriff, if it did or didn’t last.

Longmire Henry Standing Bear

Henry Standing Bear running the casino

When we last saw Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) in the finale, he was walking the floor of the casino, and things seemed to be going well. Would that remain the case? Would the casino flourish? What about his restaurant, the Red Pony? It would be quite easy to address the state of those businesses in a movie.

Longmire Vic

What’s next for Vic’s professional life

There was going to be a new sheriff in town, but Vic wasn’t going anywhere (though Walt did say she could teach Cady what she needed to know). But what would life look like for Vic without Walt at work with her as her boss? Considering the last time we saw her in the finale, she was watching Walt leave, we can assume nothing really changed — yet, at least. A movie could see where she is a few years down the road. Would she still have the same job?

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Longmire ended its six-year run (on A&E and then Netflix) two years ago, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t one day see those characters again.

After all, ahead of the series finale in 2017, star Robert Taylor told TV Insider he wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Walt Longmire just yet. “You never say never,” he said at the time. “There have been formal talks about doing some Longmire movies. I know that all of us would like to do it.”

It’s also obvious the rest of the cast hasn’t forgotten about the show in recent years — several of the stars participated in the most recent annual Longmire Days fan event from July 18-21.

While the series finale did wrap up most of the loose ends, it also left some things open-ended enough that these characters’ stories could one day continue in some form. Plus, beloved series returning as movies is all the rage right now, from the recent Deadwood: The Movie to the upcoming Breaking Bad and Sopranos flicks.

Click through the gallery above for what we’d like to see explored if there ever is more to Longmire.

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