TV Westerns ‘Longmire’ and ‘Godless’ Are Very on Trend

Robert Taylor in Longmire - Season 6
John Golden Britt/Netflix

Fans of Westerns—both contemporary and traditional—you don’t have to wait until the return of Westworld this spring to get your fix. (Well, if you like your Westerns with a side of robots, you do.) Netflix is easing the pain with two ­terrific binge-worthy series: Longmire and Godless.

Longmire just launched its final season, and some heavy decisions await upstanding Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor, above). According to executive producers Greer Shephard and Hunt ­Baldwin, the theme for the last episodes is “Adapt or Die,” conceived as a meditation on loss and saying goodbye.

Godless - Michelle Dockery

Godless – Michelle Dockery

On the surface, Godless appears to be a typical ­Western, featuring a community banding together to protect itself from a depraved outlaw (Jeff Daniels) in 1880s New Mexico. There are gun fights, ­battles between good and evil and—naturally­—old-fashioned prairie romance.

But this time, the heroes are a bunch of widows whose husbands passed away in a mining accident. “A Western is every actor’s dream,” says star Michelle Dockery (above). “But it’s a sandbox you don’t get to play in very often.” Giddy-up.

Longmire, Netflix
Godless, Netflix