Where Is the Cast of 'Longmire' Now?

Meredith Jacobs

If you've been missing Longmire and the quick-approaching return of Yellowstone just isn't enough, you're in luck — sort of.

The series ran for six seasons, three on A&E and three more on Netflix after the streaming service saved it. And if streaming the show's six seasons isn't enough, maybe seeing what its stars are up to now will help.

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6 Things We'd Want to See in a 'Longmire' Movie (PHOTOS)

Robert Taylor and others have hinted at a movie return for the A&E/Netflix series — here's what we'd want to see happen.

Some members of the cast of the A&E and Netflix series can be seen in upcoming series, have starred on shows that are streaming, or might have even guest-starred on another of your favorite shows.

Click through the gallery above to see where the cast of Longmire is now.

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