Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown (HBO)


Small-town Pennsylvania detective Mare Sheehan investigates a murder as life crumbles around her.

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Matt Roush

Matt Roush Says...

On HBO’s new gritty drama, Detectives Mare Sheehan and Colin Zabel fall into a good pattern with each other as they work the case, and track down every possible lead, including phone records that point to a surprising suspect. They also manage to find the spot where Erin was killed. Mare clashes with the rest of the family when she makes a dangerous accusation against Frank (David Denman) concerning the case. Meanwhile, Mare continues to be courted by the, in my opinion, suspicious Richard (Guy Pearce). Drew’s (Izzy King) mother, Carrie (Sosie Bacon), is out of rehab and wants to sue for custody, but Mare strongly opposes uprooting Drew from Mare’s home where he’s lived his whole life, and she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent it from happening.

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2021 Limited Series 1 Season

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