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Birth Date: November 13, 1985

Age: 38 years old

Birth Place: London, England, UK

Rahul Kohli was born on Nov. 13, 1985 in London, England to parents from Kenya and Thailand. Kohli invested in his interests in cinema with a degree in media at Uxbridge College, enrolling in drama school at the Royal National Theatre immediately afterward. During this time, Kohli appeared in short films like "The Vacancy" (2007) and "Alone Together" (2011). After leaving the Royal National Theatre, Kohli made his television debut on long-running drama series "Holby City" (BBC One 1999-) and "East Enders" (BBC One 1985-). Additionally, Kohli appeared in commercials for companies including Sony and Heineken. His first major role came with the horror comedy television series "iZombie" (The CW 2015-), on which he played Dr. Ravi Chakrabati. Kohli's character was introduced as a medical examiner who helps the series heroine, played by Rose McIver, safeguard her secret infection with the zombie virus.

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