‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates: Peter’s Ex Turns Victoria’s Date Into a Nightmare (RECAP)

The Bachelor Hometown Dates Recap
Spoiler Alert

It’s officially time for hometown dates on The Bachelor — and tonight, Peter travels near and far to meet the families of his final four women, Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison, and Victoria F. “My wife is one of those four and it makes me the happiest person in the world,” Peter admits.

Read on for everything that happens in Episode 8!

Hannah Ann’s hometown

So, Peter heads to Powell, TN to meet Hannah Ann’s parents and two younger siblings, Wade and Haley — but first, the pair head to an axe house so the pilot can learn how to throw an axe and “prove he’s a real man.”


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Things are pretty uneventful until Peter whips out a love letter he wrote for the model. Similar to the one she gave him last episode, he wrote out a list of all the things he likes about her, like her honesty and how she has a name for each of the dresses she’s worn on the show (WTF?) “This is the sweetest thing. My heart’s melting right now,” she says.

Later that evening, Hannah Ann and Peter head home to unite with her family. But off the bat, Peter’s father seems extremely skeptical of the entire process. Peter tries to tell the father that he has strong feelings for his daughter, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

“I have all the hope in the world that this can work with us,” Peter tells him, adding that he plans to tell her that he’s falling in love with her. “There’s something real here.”

“I’ll ask you as a father, I’d rather you not say that to her unless you truly mean that. Do not waste that word,” Mr. Sluss replies.

But even with Hannah Ann’s father’s request, he still proceeds to tell her that he’s falling in love with her. “You make me so happy,” he tells her.

The 23-year-old reciprocates Peter’s sentiment, telling him that she’s falling in love as well. “This is going to work,” she says.

Kelsey’s hometown

Peter makes his way over to Des Moines, Iowa to meet Kelsey’s family which includes her mother, stepfather, and sisters Kayla and Kalason.

During the day, the two stomp grapes and make their very own bottle of wine. At the winery, Kelsey gets the courage to confess her feelings for Peter and tells him that she’s in love with him — not just falling in love with him. This is a huge step in Bachelor world, but while Peter seems to be really happy with her confession, he doesn’t say it back.

Later that evening, the pair head to Kelsey’s parents home to meet the Weier family.

Kelsey’s mom tells the pilot that she’s concerned by how strongly Kelsey feels for him. “Don’t break my daughter’s heart,” she says.

Kelsey herself also seems concerned about her own heart. She breaks down in tears while speaking with her father about the possibility of Peter choosing another woman. “If I come home brokenhearted, we’ll just pick up the pieces,” she says. “But it’s scary.”

Madison’s hometown

The 28-year-old heads to Auburn, Alabama to meet Madison’s mother, father, and sisters sisters Mary and Mallory Kate. During the day, the couple swings by Auburn University basketball arena where her father, Chad Prewett, serves as an assistant coach.

Later that evening, the couple head to Madison’s family’s home for dinner. Off the bat, Peter tells Madi’s father that he’s falling in love with her and he seems skeptical.

“I don’t want you to break her heart. I don’t want you to go down that road unless you know,” he tells Peter, asking him directly if he knows for sure right now that Madison is the one. Peter tells him that he can’t give him an answer right now, as there are a few more weeks left in the process.

When Madison and Peter leave, they reflect on the day and Peter opens up even more about his feelings. “I’m really excited about us. Like insanely excited. I’m falling head over heels in love with you,” he tells her. Once again, Madison does not say anything in return — but Peter still appears to be confident in their relationship.

“I was hoping to tell Peter that I’m in love with him but I’m still trying to figure out if our spirits and our souls are compatible,” she says. “I’m realizing how serious it is and it leaves me a little all over the place right now.”

Victoria F.’s hometown

Finally, Peter heads to Victoria’s hometown of Virginia Beach. The 26-year-old takes him around town with her dog, Buxton, and the two open up about how they’ve struggled with drama thus far in their relationship, but are hopeful for what’s to come in the future.

They head to a Hunter Hayes concert and dance in front of a crowd of people cheering. They appear to have an incredible time dancing and singing together — for the first time, drama free. But the positive vibes come to a screeching halt when Peter runs into his ex, Merissa Pence, who gives Peter a warning about Victoria.

“Just be careful,” she tells him. “I know you’re a great guy and I don’t think you deserve who you’re on a date with right now.”

“I used to be friends with her and things happened. We’re not friends anymore,” she continues. “There’s been many relationships [that have] broken up because of her.”

Later that night, Peter meets up with Victoria and confronts her about what his ex told him. Immediately, Victoria gets defensive, and appears to be unwilling to hear what Peter has to say. She seems angry with the fact that he even listened to what Merissa had to say about her — and feels he is taking her side without knowing the details.

“I’m just disgusted. It’s so much drama all the time,” she says before breaking down in tears.

Peter grows more and more frustrated with Victoria’s inability to have a direct conversation with him. Eventually, Victoria’s had enough and storms off down the street (as usual). Peter chases after her and questions why she’s always willing to give up on their relationship. After several minutes of bickering in the street, Peter gets in a car and drives away.

Victoria is left crying in the middle of the street as her entire family comes out of her home to comfort her.


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The next morning, Peter is back at his hotel room, admittedly conflicted and upset over how things went down with Victoria. He gets a knock at the door and it’s Victoria, who comes to apologize to Peter for how she acted.

“I feel we have no communication skills and we don’t understand each other,” he tells her. “It’s the most terrifying thing for me to continue to want to invest and the possibility of you just walking away. How am I supposed to have any type of confidence in us if it’s been the same thing?”

“I know it’s probably not good enough right now, but I’m trying really hard. I’ve never tried like this,” she says. “For some reason, I can’t walk away from you.”


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Peter tells her that he feels strongly for her, but he’s not able to make a decision on where they stand just yet. Victoria ends up leaving his hotel room and crying, once again, in the hallway.

Who goes home tonight?

The final four girls head to the rose ceremony to find out which of them will move on to the next level with Peter. After giving a rose first to Hannah Ann, then Madison, and finally…surprisingly, Victoria, it’s Kelsey who Peter chooses to part ways with tonight.

“I’m so shocked and confused,” Kelsey says in the limo ride home. “I didn’t expect to fall as hard as I did but I fell and he didn’t.”

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