6 Theories for Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' Finale Ending (PHOTOS)

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Peter Weber Bachelor Finale
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Peter and Hannah Brown Get Back Together

Peter asked Hannah if she’d consider sticking around earlier in the season, but that wasn’t going to work because the 25-year-old was in the midst of competing on Dancing With the Stars. Though she couldn’t really give things a shot with Peter during the season, the two clearly still had a spark and there are plenty of fans rooting for their happy ending. There’s a chance that Peter and Hannah reconnected after the season ended and she’s the one he’s currently with.


Peter Falls in Love With His Producer

There are many fans out there who believe Peter has fallen in love with his producer, Julie LaPlaca. The pair spent New Year’s Eve together and Julie has frequently been spotted with Peter over the past few months. Though ABC executives have neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, Bachelor spoiler expert Reality Steve and franchise alum Ashley Iaconetti have both insisted these rumors are simply not true. But hey, maybe there’s a slim chance they’re wrong?

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Peter Ends Up Alone

Another theory floating around is that Peter doesn’t end up with anyone at the end of all this, and he’s instead still single. While it’s hard to believe this outcome — especially considering the drama in the promo for the rest of the season — it is a possibility. Not to mention, Peter has been adamant that his season will not be spoiled, and this may be because he doesn’t end up with anyone.


Hannah Ann and Peter Get Engaged

Hannah Ann and Peter may not be the strongest of the final connections currently, but she has been a frontrunner since day one. Not only did she receive the First Impression Rose, but fans reportedly noticed Hannah Ann’s Venmo account is private, which may mean she’s trying to hide something. This could mean absolutely nothing, but it is how fans figured out Colton Underwood picked Cassie Randolph in Season 23 of The Bachelor.

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Madison Leaves Peter

This has to be the most popular fan theory we’ve heard, and it also seems to be the most logical. Following the release of the promo video for the rest of the season, viewers are convinced Madison leaves Peter right before he’s about to propose. They think it all has to do with her finding out Peter slept with another woman. He then leaves the season without proposing to anyone, but with the hope of winning Madison back. This would explain why his mother is seen crying in the video, and why a camera crew was recently spotted filming in Madison’s hometown in Alabama.

ABC/Francisco Roman

Peter Hasn’t Made His Decision Yet

Whether you think Peter ends up with someone from his season or Hannah Brown, there’s a general feeling that the season hasn’t technically ended yet. In fact, many fans believe Peter’s actual ending — where he makes his big decision — will happen during the After the Final Rose episode that typically airs following the finale.

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Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been a little rocky, to say the least, but the one thing it does have going for it is it has yet to be spoiled. In fact, no one — not even Reality Steve — has been able to figure out what happens in the finale.

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While some fans believe Peter ends up with Madison, others think there’s a chance he could reunite with his former Bachelorette love, Hannah Brown.

Above, we're rounding up the six most popular fan theories for how the 28-year-old’s season will end. Click through the gallery to see what people think!

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