6 Theories for Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' Finale Ending (PHOTOS)

Zoe Jewell

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been a little rocky, to say the least, but the one thing it does have going for it is it has yet to be spoiled. In fact, no one — not even Reality Steve — has been able to figure out what happens in the finale.

Chris Harrison on Peter's 'Bachelor' Ending & Another Hannah 'Bachelorette' SeasonSee Also

Chris Harrison on Peter's 'Bachelor' Ending & Another Hannah 'Bachelorette' Season

The longtime host spoke with reporters at TCA about how and why Hannah returned, Peter's frontrunners, and that premiere flash-forward.

While some fans believe Peter ends up with Madison, others think there’s a chance he could reunite with his former Bachelorette love, Hannah Brown.

Above, we're rounding up the six most popular fan theories for how the 28-year-old’s season will end. Click through the gallery to see what people think!

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