‘The Bachelor’ Episode 7: Peter Struggles to Choose His Final 4 (RECAP)

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Peter Weber and the remaining six women vying for his heart head to Lima, Peru for Episode 7 of The Bachelor. Read on to find out who goes home (and who gets a hometown date) in the recap below!

First thing’s first, Peter surprises the girls in their hotel room with an important message. He reminds them just how seriously he’s taking this process and begs of them to be open and honest with their feelings — because up until this point, many of the girls have given mixed signals. “Really just think about if this is what you want,” he tells them. “Can you really see a future with me? Can you see having a family with me one day? I want you all to be so honest with me and yourselves.”

Considering half of the girls raised quite a few red flags during Episode 6, we don’t blame him for feeling a bit insecure going into this week. But nonetheless, the show must go on — and Peter has three one-on-one dates and a three-on-one date to go on before he can decide who will make it to the final four.

Madison’s one-on-one date

Madison gets the first one-on-one date of the week. These two haven’t had a one-one-one date since the very first week of this journey, so this has been a long time coming. Together, they explore the fishing village of Pucusana and seem to be completely smitten with one another.

“I definitely think Madison is a total catch and I can definitely see a future with her,” Peter says.

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Later that evening, the 23-year-old opens up about how she’s been struggling with the process because her feelings are getting stronger. “I see a future with you and I see a life after this,” she tells him.

She continues, telling Peter that her faith is her “whole life” and ultimately wants someone who’s on the same page with her in terms of religious beliefs.

“I’ve been raised in a Christian household and I definitely have faith and a lot of times I do feel like my faith can be stronger,” he admits. “I struggle with that sometimes. That’s just me being brutally honest.”


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But religious beliefs aside, he’s still confident in his relationship with Madison, and even tells her that he’s falling in love with her. He offers her the rose and tells her that he’s so excited to meet her family. Although she doesn’t say it back, she tells him that she “needed to hear that.”

“Every single second just gets better and better. I want to find that person I share those nights with over and over,” he says. “And I think we’re on the right track. I’m crazy about her. I’m definitely falling in love with Madison right now.”

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Natasha’s one-on-one date

After weeks of waiting, Natasha finally gets a date with Peter and the two head to the Plaza de Armas to explore the area. They have a lot of catching up to do compared to the other relationships left, and Natasha realizes that, so she’s prepared to bring her A-game.

But ultimately her A-game isn’t enough. While they seem to get along and have a ton of fun during the daytime portion of the date, it’s clear by the evening that these two may be better off as friends.

Natasha The Bachelor

“With the relationships I have and the point where I’m at with them, I can’t give you this rose,” Peter tells her. “I’m so sorry about that. I know what you have to offer someone and I want you to find that so bad.”

Kelsey’s one-on-one date

Kelsey gets the final one-on-one date before hometowns and the two spend the day riding ATVs. On the date, Kelsey admits that she has a lot of anxiety as she’s been comparing her relationship with Peter with the ones he shares with the remaining women.

“You are really special to me. And you mean a lot to me. And I would not be here if I didn’t see a future. That’s what scares me,” she tells him.

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But it turns out, Kelsey’s anxieties aren’t necessarily justified, as Peter feels just as strongly for her as the other women, and continues to reassure her of his feelings.

“I really appreciate our relationship just because it’s so our own. It’s so not the standard relationship. It’s unique. I want you to feel that validation. I definitely can see myself going home to meet your family,” he tells her, before offering her a hometown date rose.

The three-on-one date

The three-on-one date goes to Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Kelley and the date card reads, “Tomorrow isn’t going to be easy.” That’s an understatement.

Kelley goes into the date extremely irritated, saying that Hannah Ann is a “child” and Victoria is a “hot mess.” She doesn’t see why she’s being grouped together with the other women, and in her mind, she’s a much better option for Peter.

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On the date, Peter pulls Hannah Ann aside for some alone time and she immediately gets emotional. She tells him she’s not ready to say goodbye and seems genuinely nervous that he will send her home. It seems as though she misconstrued Peter telling her in previous weeks to “open up” to mean that she has to cry every time she sees him. I’m pretty sure this is not what he wants, but I digress. She proceeds to read a list of reasons why she likes him, and it seems more like a last ditch effort than a genuine act of kindness.


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After his chat with Hannah Ann, he moves on to Kelley, who reminds him that they don’t have to have drama in their relationship in order for it to work. She tells him that she likes him and wants to bring him home to meet her family… and it’s OK that they’ve had fun with their relationship. But apparently having fun is not enough as Peter still seems to be concerned that she may not be as invested in the relationship.

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Later on, it’s clear Peter and Victoria have a lot to discuss. Both of their previous one-on-one dates haven’t gone so great, yet for some reason, Victoria is still in the running. Peter pulls her aside to chat and acknowledges that it hasn’t been easy for the two of them thus far. Victoria immediately gets defensive and blames Peter’s “mood” for the issues in their relationship. WTF?

“I just don’t know how to move forward if this keeps happening,” she tells him, taking zero responsibility for their complicated relationship.


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“I don’t know why you’re attacking me. You’re saying I’m in a mood whenever we talk. I’m not in a mood,” he replies, clearly frustrated.

Like clockwork, Victoria breaks down in tears, telling Peter that she has walls up because she doesn’t want to get to the end of this only to have her heart broken. Peter promises her that he has no intentions of stringing her along. Despite their awkward conversation, he still offers her the rose. Victoria’s mood immediately changes and the tension between them magically disappears. It’s clear Peter is attracted to chaos.

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But there’s still one more rose left on the date and he has to choose between Hannah Ann and Kelley. Ultimately, that rose goes to Hannah Ann.

“You were the relationship that I was the most excited about from the beginning because of how we met,” he tells Kelley as he walks her out.

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