Chris Harrison on Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Ending & Another Hannah ‘Bachelorette’ Season

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Over the years, Chris Harrison has evolved from merely hosting The Bachelor — and The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise — to acting as a surrogate therapist, best friend, and confidante to the contenders looking for love on the ABC reality franchise series.

At ABC’s press event for the TCA Winter Press Tour, Harrison had a lot to say to reporters about current Bachelor Season 24 star Peter Weber, the return of Hannah Brown, and much more. Read on to see what the veteran host has to say.

On what’s next for Hannah Brown on this season of The Bachelor

“Yes, you will see more of Hannah [tonight]. I won’t spoil it but the episode picks up right where [she and Peter] left off.”

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On how Hannah ended up on Season 24

“Hannah came back early on and you saw it was supposed to be just a sweet sincere [moment] … It was supposed to be fun and light. We did not intend on them sitting down and having a talk. She was going to run the date, and yes, it’d be awkward, but we’d get to the part where there’d be a live audience. As you saw, it all really dissolved into this gut-wrenching raw emotional talk and that’s what ends up heading into next week.”

On if Hannah deserves another season as The Bachelorette

“That’s a tough question. Anything can happen. I’m not against it. She’s great TV but I could see people rail against it. It’d be interesting and compelling. Does she deserve it? I don’t know if anyone deserves it.”

Why does Hannah come back on The Bachelor?

On the flash-forward from the premiere

“It is a shocking, riveting, gut-wrenching ending. You saw part of it. There’s something that comes to light that turns everything on its head. I hate to say this because I’ve been accused of saying this a lot in the past, but it’s the most dramatic moment in Bachelor history ever.”

On how Peter is a “classic” Bachelor star but still unique

“He’s classic in that he’s what the show is based on – finding that man or woman who seemingly has everything, having all the attributes [that one could want in a mate]. He’s got a great life. [His flying career] is in his blood. He loves his life. He has a great role model in his mom and dad. He has everything – except he, apparently, is not great at dating, which is where I come in.”

On if there are any frontrunners for Peter

“Madison got the first date. Hannah [Ann] received the First Impression Rose. Those are ones who, off the top of my head, are piquing his interest, but that ebbs and flows a lot.”

On if there’s a theme to this season

“I’m not sure there’s an overall theme. I will say that what you see with Peter is what you get. When you talk to him, you realize he’ll blatantly answer all of your questions. He probably shouldn’t [because] he’s honest to a fault. When I ask him questions and push him [for answers], I know that I’m getting an honest response. Sometimes, that’s good. Sometimes, that’s bad. You saw that in the talk with Hannah [last week]. I was watching the final cut of the second episode and it is as gut-wrenching if not more so than it was last week.”

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On if he’s changed after hosting the show all these years

“I should be a jaded jerk by now! I should really not care. But it’s funny, [I’ve been] in a control room and we’re somewhere in the world and we’re either freezing or sweating and I see two people get together, get engaged, or breakup. Social media has changed how people date and all that, but it still works. You still end up with two people staring at each other by a mountain or a beach. The concept works. It really does.”

On his advice for contestants post-show

“I always say look at and talk to those who have made it. My advice is don’t let this change you. Let [being on the show] enhance you. Then, get back to your life. Ari [Luyendyk Jr.] went back to real estate. Peter’s back to flying. Ryan [Sutter] went back to Colorado to be a fireman. Sure, take advantage of this [experience], but some want to stop everything, come to Hollywood and take my job. Typically, that doesn’t work out.”


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On his role as counselor vs. host

“I would say 18 years ago when the show started it was 90 percent host and 10 percent counselor, or 80/20. You have to earn the stripes and the respect. As I’ve gotten older and lived through my own life experiences, word has gotten around that I am someone to be trusted and I’ve never backed the bus over anyone who didn’t deserve it. I’d say now, it’s 75 percent confidante and 25 percent host.”

On if he’d ever compete on Dancing With the Stars

“No. I have no desire. I love this business. I love what I do [but] you’re not going to see me in sequins – [wryly] outside of my house on a Saturday night.”

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