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Science Channel Super Factories rockets

Celebrate Innovators With ‘Impossible Engineering’ & ‘Super Factories’

Best Documentaries 2020 Streaming

8 Captivating Documentaries to Stream Now

Science Channel

Breathtaking & Bizarre Mysteries Are Captured by Satellite in ‘What on Earth?’


Get a Look at Subterranean Worlds in Science Channel’s ‘Underground Marvels’

Hurricane Man

Josh Morgerman Takes Cameras Into the Eye of the Storm in ‘Hurricane Man’

America's Lost Vikings

Science Channel Is on a Quest for ‘America’s Lost Vikings’


‘MythBusters Jr.’ Host Adam Savage Jokes About ‘Camp Counselor’ Role in New Series


Sophomore Year on ‘grown-ish,’ ‘Masked Singer,’ ‘Mythbusters Jr.’

Through The Wormhole

‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’ Asks If There Are More Than Two Sexes (VIDEO)

Secret Space Escapes - Science Channel

Astronaut Mike Mullane on Making His Own Rockets in ‘Secret Space Escapes’ (VIDEO)

All-American Makers - Adult Tricycle

‘All-American Makers’ Attempts to Drift With an Adult-Sized Electric Trike (VIDEO)

All-American Makers - Bionic Boots

‘All-American Makers’ Races Off on Bionic Boots (VIDEO)

Science Channel

How It’s Made Splashes Into Summer

Through the Wormhole

What’s Worth Watching: Through the Wormhole’s Lying Game

Through The Wormhole

What’s Worth Watching: ‘Through the Wormhole’ Takes You Back in Time

Through the Wormhole

Science’s Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman Tackles Bigotry, Aliens, Lying and The Matrix

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What’s Worth Watching: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?