What's Worth Watching: 'Through the Wormhole', 'Difficult People', 'Facing' and more for Tuesday, August 30.

Through the Wormhole
Courtesy of the Science Channel
Through the Wormhole

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (10/9c, Science Channel): Using science to explore society’s thorniest issues, a new season opens by asking the question “What Makes a Terrorist?” An expert on the psychology of terrorism looks at the use of social media for recruitment, while others reveal how a terrorist’s brain is shaped.

Difficult People (new episodes on Tuesdays, Hulu): It’s Fashion Week on this outrageous snark-com, providing yet another opportunity for Julie (Julie Klausner) to blow a Big Break, when she falls ill after being asked to appear in Christian Siriano’s (Project Runway) clown-inspired show. Billy (Billy Eichner) is similarly conflicted, as he joins a posse of elite gays while trying to hide the fact that he’s playing a giant beaver on a new kids’ TV show. All’s well that ends badly, but how can you not root for characters who deliver lines like, “I’m falling apart and I wasn’t even that good to begin with. Like Scandal.”

Facing (9/8c, National Geographic Channel): Inspired by the documentary Facing Ali, this new series goes beyond the iconic façade to humanize the most famous and infamous characters of our times. First up, anticipating the second season of Netflix’s Narcos this Friday, a profile of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, including interviews with the DEA agents who helped take him down and cohorts of his drug smuggling operations.

Inside Tuesday TV: The semi-final rounds begin on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (8/7c). … Making way for a deluge of new programming in September, two finales on Freeform: the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars (8/7c), which begins its final run next April; and the season finale of summer-camp horror show Dead of Summer (9/8c). … The animal mayhem of CBS’s Zoo (9/8c) spreads to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. That should help ease diplomatic tensions.