Science Channel Is on a Quest for ‘America’s Lost Vikings’

America's Lost Vikings
Courtesy of Science Channel

Eighth-century Vikings were the scourge of the earth. Running out of usable land for their growing population, these farmers became raiders, pillagers and pirates, conquering much of the known world from Russia to Greenland. But how far did their exploits really take them?

Courtesy of Science Channel

Follow archeologists and explorers Blue Nelson and Mike Arbuthnot to the most enigmatic site on the North American continent as they document their quest to answer this question on Science Channel’s new series, America’s Lost Vikings. Located on the tip of Newfoundland, buried in the complex of buildings on L’Anse aux Meadows is where evidence was found of Norsemen landing 500 years before Christopher Columbus ever set sail.

Courtesy of Science Channel

Nelson and Arbuthnot begin their search in Iceland by chasing historic sagas that tell of the very clever and handsome Leif Erickson’s finding of Vinland. Then they’re onto discover why the Newfoundland’s settlement is on the rough, windblown side of the island, the partners utilize 3-D mapping by drones.

They will explore how well the Norsemen could survive the average below-zero winter temperature by subjecting Nelson to freezing temperatures wearing only Viking clothing. And they learn to fight with period iron weapons and how to navigate a Viking ship in icy cold waters.

Their findings lead them not to the end of a journey but to a beacon on the edge of the world.

America’s Lost Vikings, Premieres Sunday, February 10, 10/9c, Science Channel

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