'MythBusters Jr.' Host Adam Savage Jokes About 'Camp Counselor' Role in New Series

Kate Hahn
Discovery Channel

Perpetually upbeat Adam Savage cohosted MythBusters for 14 years on Discovery Channel, helping create often outrageous experiments to answer such questions as, does mixing Diet Coke and Mentos really make your stomach explode?

7 Times MythBusters Tackled Impossible TV Show Situations

7 Times MythBusters Tackled Impossible TV Show Situations

Here's how the long-running science series debunked and solved crazy situations seen on shows, from The A-Team to The Walking Dead.

Now, Savage acts as a self-described "camp counselor" to six brainy boys and girls, ages 12–15 (one studies astrophysics in college), on MythBusters Jr.

And just as in the original, explosions do occur.

Says Savage with glee, "We watched some stuff catch on fire just yesterday!"

MythBusters Jr., Series Premiere, Wednesday, January 2, 9/8c, Science Channel

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