'Curse of the Bermuda Triangle': Could a Sunken WWII Plane Be From Flight 19? (VIDEO)

Rick and Christina Gables

The Bermuda Triangle is home to some of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries on Earth.

This remote territory in the Atlantic Ocean has been the subject of notoriety and legend as countless ships, planes and human lives have been lost in its waters. Now, a team of savvy boat captains and experienced divers seeks to unravel some of the biggest secrets when Curse of the Bermuda Triangle premieres Sunday, February 9 on Science Channel.

With dozens of years of experience at sea between them, the members of the Triangle Research and Investigation Group, or TRIG team, are led by long time captain and former Coast Guardsman Paul “Moe” Mottice.


Moe Mottice and Chuck Meier listen to a local expert regarding The Vanishing Witchcraft (Science Channel)

By his side is first mate engineer Mike Still, who has logged thousands of hours in the Triangle, and worked side by side with Captain Moe for years.

They are joined by former Navy rescue diver, sheriff’s deputy and military contractor Chuck Meier, who takes the lead in the investigations on ground and underwater, and expert rescue diver and former Army Cavalry Scout Dave Cziko, who together explore the depths of the ocean floor for clues and evidence.

Get a Look at Subterranean Worlds in Science Channel's 'Underground Marvels'

Get a Look at Subterranean Worlds in Science Channel's 'Underground Marvels'

The series uncovers a surprising and fascinating world that exists below ground.

Throughout this new series, the team investigates a variety of mysteries and attempts to determine whether these stories of strange mishaps are purely coincidence, or if there’s an explanation – scientific or supernatural – hidden beneath the surface.

In the series premiere, the TRIG team investigates the case of a squadron of Navy aircraft known as Flight 19 that flew into the Bermuda Triangle on a routine training mission in 1945 and was never seen again.

What could have caused the planes to divert from their intended route, and why is there no physical evidence of any of them?

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle, Premiere, Sunday, February 9, 10/9c, Science Channel